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  • 11/12 – Advice for Newbie Bloggers - Be Yoda. Share your secrets. Do or do not, there is no try.

My advice for newbie bloggers hmm..
Well one don't be afraid to become friends with other bloggers.  Don't be afraid to ask questions from other bloggers cause believe it or not most of us are all in it for the same thing to help promote authors and each other.  Don't get wrapped up in all the drama if you can help it.  

One of my online friends who I would love to meet in person is Angela Pratt from I Feel the Need, the Need to Read.   is her blog page and her Facebook page is   Like I said in one of my beginning #BookBlogWriMo she was the one who has been the biggest help with my blog.   Also  Jodi Murphy from Butterflies, Books and Dreams   and her Facebook page  is another friend who has been a big help.  I have a few others and sorry if I haven't listed you cause you are all important and mean a lot to me but these were the two in the beginning and the two I also go to when I need help. Not that I don't go to others as well.

One of the advices I can say DO NOT DO is get messed up with the bullying and the author against author,blogger against blogger, author against blogger and all that cause let me tell you it doesn't do your blog justice.  I stand by the NO BULLYING RULES. I DO NOT SUPPORT IT AND I WILL NOT SUPPORT AUTHORS WHO DO IT.  I have a couple authors that are on my DO NOT SUPPORT LIST and there are reason.

I think people let the jealousy and the numbers get to their heads.  Authors really should be supporting each other cause readers love to read all different genres and even if it is the same genre we still like different things.  Bloggers are out there to promote authors and share cover reveals,new releases,reviews and so much more.  Trust me there is room for all of us.  I learn from following other blogs I learned by doing the #BookBlogWriMo new things to improve my blog or try to improve it.  Will it work?  I don't know. I have to plan it and try it. 
 Don't spread yourself to thin.  Don't take on more then you can handle.  It is one thing to sign up for all cover reveals and promos  a few minutes for each posting depending how you set your blog up but the reviews.  Yeah you will get tons of requests but you can't always read them all.  If you can that is wonderful I know I hate to say no. But at times I do.  Or I let the author know that I have reviews to do if they are willing to wait I can review if not then I can still help get the word out for them.  Believe in YOURSELF.  YOU CAN DO IT. YOU CAN BE A SUCCESSFUL BLOGGER.  I don't have 5,000 followers but you know what some day I will. If not I am fine with the followers I have.  I do the blogging cause I LOVE IT.  There are times I feel burnt out and those are the times I take a break but I also remember why I do it. 

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