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Title: Bittersweet Catastrophe (Second Chances #2.5)

Author: Maureen Mayer

Genre: New Adult/Coming of Age

Release Date: August 18, 2014


(fɔːˈrɛvə; fə-): without end; everlasting; eternally


might have taken twenty-two years to find Liberty, but now that

Shayne has her, he’s not willing to let her go without a



and Liberty finally found their forever, leaving Shayne’s past

indiscretions behind and moving forward to start a life together. But

what if forever wasn’t truly in the stars for them?


should be one of the happiest times in their lives as newlyweds

quickly turns into a race against time. Liberty must choose between

accepting her fate and protecting her family, and taking a risk that

could ultimately end in more heartache.


decision will test the strength of their trust, but is it enough to

keep Shayne from breaking down altogether and losing the woman he


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I received a copy of Bittersweet Catastrophe in exchange for an honest review.  This was book 2.5 in the series. This is Shayne's story. I have to say this was a very hard book to read for me.  I lost my friend to Breast Cancer on Aug 28th of this year and laid her to rest on Sept 2nd. I didn't know what this book had instore for me but the series is awesome and I so recommend.  Well because I was wrapped up in the series I couldn't not read this story when I found out Liberty was pregnant and the C word came up.  Maureen did an excellent job with this whole series and I really felt connected with all the characters and cried when they cried and laughed when they laughed.   This is a quick read and yes you need to read these in order and trust me you won't be sorry when you read this series.  But if you just recently lost someone to cancer and are still having a hard time coping then I would suggest either waiting a bit to read this or read it and get a good cry out cause I did.

After running from her brother AJ's death Liberty literrally falls into Shayne's arms.  She ends up in Savannah and meets Brett,Maddie and Shayne. Liberty and Maddie become great friends more like sisters. Brett has a thing for Liberty but she only sees him as a great friend and a brother.   Shayne and Liberty fall in love only to have it destroyed by one secret.  Well did it get destroyed? Did their love help them through?   Maureen did a wonderful job with this story that I got attached to all the characters in the book. When you read it Maureen made you feel as if you were a friend of the characters and your heart ached for them. Loved this story.  This series is a must read and a must read in order not a stand alone.

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I received a copy of Unforeseen Heartbeat in exchange for an honest review.  Book 2 in this series and you must read in order.  This is Maddie's story. After a horrific night for Maddie she meets Hunter who only tries to help Maddie. Maddie never having loved but had a secret that almost destroyed a few people finally might have found love if she would just open up. Hunter only wants what is best for Maddie and to be given a chance to be with her and to love her.  Does she finally let love in? The characters continue in this books asthis story picks up right where Relinquishing Liberty left off and is more or less all about Maddie. I really have enjoyed this series.

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Mayer was born, raised and currently resides in Buffalo, NY with her

loving and supportive family and boyfriend of 9+ years. She’s

always had a love for the outdoors, and when the city isn’t buried

under snow, she can be found hiking, fishing, camping or lying on the

beach. She’s a sucker for off-color humor, but holds a sweet spot

for sick and twisted horror films. When she’s not writing, you can

find her curled up in bed with her kindle, diving into a steamy

romance novel and falling in love with the latest book boyfriend.

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