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Celebrate the upcoming release of book 3, STRENGTH FROM LOYALTY, releasing March 17th, with an amazing 5 DAY SALE from Autumn Jones Lake.

99c SALE

Forced to represent an outlaw biker, a married attorney must come to terms with her feelings for her client while avoiding the danger he brings into her sedate life.

President of the Lost Kings MC, Rochlan "Rock" North, hasn't managed to find a woman capable of making him want to curb his wild ways—until he meets sweet, innocent, married lawyer Hope Kendall. 

Forced to represent the outlaw biker, Hope is rattled by her immediate attraction to Rock. Hope is a good girl in a good marriage. Rock thrills her, but she's not going to throw away everything she's built on a fling with her criminal client. 

Rock respects Hope enough to leave her alone, even as he realizes he's become a little obsessed with her. When their connection endangers her life, he'll have to destroy her in order to save her. 

After tragedy strikes, Rock is determined to earn Hope's forgiveness and convince her that even with their staggering differences, they're meant to be together.

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$1.99 SALE

I’m not Cinderella
But he's my Prince Charming
Our love story isn’t a fairy tale...

How can a lawyer and a criminal maintain an enduring romantic relationship? 

Although Hope and Rock care deeply for one another, the truth is they come from completely different worlds. Add to that the fact that they are also both headstrong people, and they have a very rough road ahead of them.

For Rock that means introducing Hope to what it really means to be part of his brutal and shady world, where the Lost Kings Motorcycle Club is his main focus. For Hope it means accepting the things she can’t change, and understanding that Rock is a man who will do anything to keep her safe. 

As Rock continues to draw Hope deeper into his world, painful misunderstandings and opposition from the members of his club will threaten to drive them apart.

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AN ORDINARY ME by Brooklyn Taylor IS LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!


Title: An Ordinary Me

Author: Brooklyn Taylor

Release Date: March, 2015

Published by Entertwine Publishing

ET Synopsis

From the outside looking in Garrison Davis seems like every other senior in high school. On the inside though, he’s an emotional wreck promising to not love anyone. He chooses to protect himself by vowing solitude. His dad is in prison for dealing drugs; his mother is a recovering addict and an emotional mess. The only thing that brings him joy is playing the drums and that feeling of being needed by his band. It is his escape, his passion. No one gets hurt or disappointed. That is until he lays his eyes on Reese at school. She is the exact example of what he cannot let himself get involved in. He would do nothing but drag her down with him.

“I want to tell her and show her how much I love her. I had loved her from the first time I saw her smile but I can’t, I won’t. She deserves so much more than I can offer. I’m the spawn of a drug dealer and an addict. I have never let myself love another person and now… I love her so much it hurts.”

Reese Owens is the exact opposite of Garrison. Inside she’s beaming; growing up in a happy home and on the outside she was a duck out of water. Her parents are the over protective set but are finally loosening the jail bars. Sophomore year in high school, she has never dated a boy and is envious of the social life her best friend Autumn Welch has. She meets Garrison and is instantly attracted to him. He pulls away when she pushes in. A whole new world opens up to Reese and she finds herself falling into situations she can’t get herself out of. Making bad decision after bad decision, she finds out the hard way on how life is full of choices. The one thing she wants more than anything is Garrison’s attention which she doesn’t get in return.

“How is it possible to love someone and keep it quiet? Never to utter those very words knowing he doesn’t feel the same way. I finally fall in love and he only wants to be friends. He is everything I have always wanted and he keeps me at a distance making sure we don’t get too close. How can I ignore my feelings and act like I don’t have them when we are around each other? How do I resist the urge to move my lips towards his when he is talking to me?”

Garrison realizes he has to be honest with Reese and tell her how he really feels before he loses her for good. Just maybe, he will get love in return for the first time in his life. When he finally convinces himself to come forth, a life changing event occurs that could take away the only person in his life that truly loves him.

Is it too late? Does he get the chance to tell her? And when he confesses does it matter?



Amazon: An Ordinary Me


ET Author Bio


Brooklyn Taylor

I am a Texas girl, mother of 2 amazing kiddos and married to my gorgeous soulmate for almost 20 years. I have a full time job in the medical field but hope one day to strictly write. I love to spend my free time reading, being outside and playing with my family and 4 fur babies. I am blessed to have very supportive friends and family that make my life worth living! I started to write at the instinct of "hey maybe I can do that!" and here I am. I have enjoyed every step of the journey. Every single person I hear from about my stories touches me and confirms the reason why I ventured into this insane dream of mine.
Twitter: authorbrooklynt
Instagram: authorbrooklyntaylor

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Just released by award winning, best selling author, Stacey Rourke and only 99 pennies for a limited time! 

Aubrey Evans is living every author’s dream; her sizzling romance novel is being turned into a blockbuster film. She would be celebrating this momentous event, if she wasn’t busy fighting over every tiny production detail with the maddeningly cavalier director, Kole Camden. 

When news of their heated rivalry hits the gossip columns, drastic measures must be taken to save their sinking project. In an elaborate PR hoax, she is publicly linked to Greyson Meyers, the swoon-worthy star of her movie. A whirl-wind love affair is staged for the couple to mirror the steamy chapters of her own books. 

Can the introverted author resist the charms of Hollywood’s sexiest leading man? Or will love find her in the City of Angels?

If you are looking for a light-hearted, funny read to indulge in poolside, look no further! 

Wicked Reads had this to say about Adapted for Film, "Having been a fan of Mrs. Rourke's YA novels for awhile now, I was very nervous to hear of her newest book. A romantic comedy? No, this would not work! I was 100% wrong. This book was filled with everything I love about her other series; quick wit and characters that you can relate to ... From start to finish I was enthralled in the story. I literally could not put it down and read it in a matter of hours." 

Meet the Dream Cast! 

Eye candy not enough? Still need more convincing on why you need to pick up this book TODAY? How about a sneak peek between the covers with an excerpt? 

“I think I get it. If a
butterfly were to land on you, its touch would be so delicate that you would wonder
if it had really happened at all, or if it was merely your mind fantasizing
that such a rare beauty would honor you with the gift of their touch.”
A gorgeous man uttering
such poetry temporarily short circuited my brain. Catching myself doing the
slack-jawed fan-girl thing, I quickly snapped my mouth shut and averted my gaze
to a nonthreatening cement turtle by the edge of the gazebo.
“Yep,” I muttered to
the turtle. “I think you’ve got it.”
Unfortunately for my
last remaining shred of dignity, Greyson wasn’t done with his tutorial. He
closed the distance between us with a burning hunger blazing in his eyes. A hot
flush rose in my cheeks, creeping clear up to my earlobes as his sculpted body
skimmed against mine. Toned, rigid perfection only a few thin layers of fabric
away …
“What are you doing?”
My voice failed me, coming out in a raspy yelp.
“Making sure I’ve got
this right.” Temptation, of the most carnal variety, emanated off of him. His focused
gaze followed the curve of my lips, the lift of one brow promising toe-curling
It had been a really
long time since someone had looked at me like that. Much less one of the
sexiest men on the planet. That almost never happened.
“Aiden wouldn’t grab
Paige, wouldn’t pull her to him.” Raising one hand, he traced the length of my
arm with two fingers.
Starting at my wrist,
he worked his way up. His skin never actually made contact, but whispered over
mine in an electrifying rush that rolled and built. Bowing his head, his silky locks
tickled my cheek. Hot breath teased over my collarbone, awakening a need so powerful
my hands curled into tight fists at my sides. Agonizingly slow, he raised his
head. The blissful torment of his lips teased over mine, setting the veil of
energy between us alive with desire.
“He wouldn’t want to
crush her lips with his need,” he murmured against my mouth, “but would wait …
patiently for her to close that last … remaining … space.”


Mmmmm .... Yes Please! Ready for more? Pick up your copy today for only $.99! 

Also join Stacey's online launch party with a star-studded line up of some of today's hottest authors for you chance to win some AMAZING prizes! 

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Title: Under His Discretion

Author: Stacy Von Haegert

Release Date: April, 2015

Series: White Rose Trilogy #3

Published by Entertwine Publishing

ET Synopsis
Their legends have haunted the history books for hundreds of years, dating back to when the White Rose ruled majestically over England. On Nov 23rd 1499 a country, divided in secret, watched as King Henry sat from atop his red velvet throne. They watched with baited breath as the pretender, Perkin Warbeck, nodded his regal head and smiled towards his beautiful Irish wife. No cheers rang out, it was said when the scaffolding was kicked out from under the feet. Not a word was muttered when the body of whom most of the world believed to be Richard, the only living son of Edward of York, was cut down. The last of the passionate, mysterious, and chivalrous Plantagenet’s bloodline fell to the ground with a thousand dropped white roses from loyalist hands on that cold winter’s day. It was then said, the carriage carrying the young widow on her way home was called to a stop by a stream. The beautiful raven-haired woman exited the rig, bowed her head and dropped a single white rose into the babbling brook. As the delicate petals drifted down and into their watery grave she recited a poem, her palm laid to rest on her abdomen.
It fell with no thought at all… It landed with a graceful, yet deliberate nod. So accepting was its fate. So brilliant its sacrifice. Trusting with knowledge that its loss would be felt and eventually its death, avenged…It fell with no thought at all, save one…His son…
Ireland 1840
Perkin Kingston has lived his life making the right decisions. He was the eldest to the Kingston line and has always taken the role seriously. He had coupled his skills and natural talents into the perfect example of what an advisor to the royal crown should be. He held lands, titles and more money than he could ever have need of. Most importantly, Perkin had the love of his cherished family. But…Every star does eventually fall.
Shay Gallagher is used to being disappointed but when the new Laird on the hill shows up and robbed her of her household staff, she has had enough. She was prepared to call the new Laird out. She was prepared to slander his name. She was prepared to hate him. However, she was not prepared to find him unreasonably attractive, dangerously intelligent and slightly broken. Shay was definitely not prepared to want to know more. How could something so beautiful have so many scars…
Secret upon secret threaten Perkin and his family at every turn. Will he avenge his father? Will he restore his name after more of his past mistakes crawl out to challenge him? Will he end up like his namesake did 400 years ago? Or will the rightful heir finally take the throne…
Born of the blood. Burned into history…
Book three in the White Rose trilogy by Stacy Von Haegert.

ET Author Bio


Author Stacy Von Haegert is an international best selling author by day and a professional ballroom dance instructor of 18 years by night. She also holds two degrees from Nashville, Tennessee s Watkins College of Art, Design & Film one for directing and one for cinematography. Stacy grew up riding her mothers prize-winning Arabian horses and following her musician father through the doors of every music studio in Music City. She now lives in historic Franklin with her husband, young son, two unruly cats and a 100-pound collie (by far, the best behaved of the house). Her humorous, exciting, and super-sexy first historical romance/action-adventure is titled Under His Protection. Followed by book two in the action packed, fast paced trilogy is Under his Guidance. Stacy is currently wrapping up book three in the White Rose trilogy, due out spring 2015.


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Title: Sons of Judgment

Author: Airicka Phoenix

Genre: NA Paranormal

Hosted by: Lady Amber's Tours


No good deed goes unpunished.

Riley Masters learns this the hard way when she finds a wallet and decides to do the right thing. But returning it will cost her much more than she bargains for.

Abandoned by her mother, raised by an indifferent father, Riley has accepted the fact that she would be alone always. She has no idea that a single act of kindness would propel her into a world where creatures that shouldn’t exist guard the human race from the demons that lurk in the shadows. That it will cost her the lives of those she loves while unearthing a destiny she

never imagined with a man who is forbidden to love her. She finds passion, romance and the family she’d been searching for her entire life, but at what cost and what is she willing to sacrifice to find answers and happiness?

Octavian Maxwell has always known his place. He is a Caster, a Son of Judgment. His job is to protect the mortal world from the creatures plotting to destroy it. Instead, his world is shattered when a human girl walks into Final Judgment, a girl he has been searching for his entire life, a girl he is forbidden to ever touch. Being with her will break the oath he’s sworn to never love a mortal. But his heart has already found its mate and it refuses to let go.

Final Judgment… a place undetected, a gateway to evil and a legend that will undo everything anyone has ever known about our world.


His love will become her curse.

For centuries, Gideon has kept his secret, knowing that it could mean the life of the woman whose very heartbeat was his reason for living. But when Veil Creatures are slaughtered in their homes by those sworn to protect them, it may be up to him to save those he loves from a fate worse than death. What he doesn’t expect is the betrayal and a choice that could leave his family devastated.

Valkyrie Devereaux believes only in the power of justice, loyalty and obeying the laws of her people. Love was something to be feared and she had been taught long ago that anything that could make you weak, needed to be eliminated. But when she is assigned to join the Casters of the north in hunting down the creatures killing the innocent, even she can’t help the twang of longing for something that goes against everything she was raised to believe was wrong.

Like fire and gasoline, passions collide. Heat erupts as they fight against their desires and their very nature. But a fire like theirs can never be smothered. It can never be stopped. It can only burn to unimaginable heights, but what happens when it careens out of control and destroys everything around them? And who is waiting for that exact moment to destroy the brothers?

She will become his death.

Airicka Phoenix lives in a world where unicorns, fairies and mermaids run amok through her home on a daily basis. When she’s not chasing after pixies and rounding up imps, also known as her four children, she can be found conjuring up evil villains, bad-ass heroines and swoon-worthy heroes to play with.

Airicka is singlehandedly responsible for her greatly anticipated collections, 
The Touch SagaThe Lost Girl DuologyThe Regeneration SeriesGames of Fire & Betraying Innocence. She also writes mature paranormal & contemporary romance under the dark guise of Morgana Phoenix. To date, she is responsible for The Sons of Judgment SagaIn The Dark SeriesForever His Baby & Bye-Bye Baby.

For more about Airicka and the realm she rules with an iron fist—and tons of chocolate—visit her at:

Buy Links:

(Octavian’s Undoing, Book One)

Gideon's Promise (Book 2):

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»Magnus' Defeat (Book 3):


»Regulus' Submission (Book 4):


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TITLE – Passed the Moments, Through the Tears, Out of Concrete

AUTHOR – Me’Shon La’Kair

GENRE – Poetry

PUBLICATION DATE –September 30, 2014

LENGTH (Pages/# Words) – 87 Pages

PUBLISHER – Upland Avenue Publishing

COVER ARTIST – Upland Avenue Publishing


Me’Shon La’Kair’s experiences have been captivated through words that flow effortlessly on these

pages, which have been brought to life so vividly. Professing the struggles of a fatherless

childhood to the illnesses of Epilepsy and Type 2 Diabetes that proclaim thousands of lives every

day. While being a Christian trying to hold strong to her faith in a world of curiosities. Still

recognizing God’s beauty through its purest form and sharing her testimony with the world.

Her work embodies a truth that many can relate to and learn from. It possess her views on love,

life, politics, religion, and the harsh realities of this world past and present. Sharing life’s obstacles

and breakthroughs is what makes this book a profound read. Her poetry uplifts, edifies, and

encourages the masses. Ranging from the importance of education to a mother’s love Passed the

Moments, Through the Tears, Out of Concrete is a must read.



My Outlet

Exclusively written for the ones who understand

That what I’m saying comes and doesn’t demand

Anything more or less

But is written to make one visualize my creativeness

It’s not just words on a page, but an abundance of thoughts

That were trapped and caged

Now freed beyond the finite walls which we possess

Written and shown so the world can have a look at its uniqueness

Gifted and blessed to have been given God’s best

Which is my outlet to express

Its job is to uplift and relate to others with the same situation on their plate

Freedom of speech or expression has no room for others to debate

Because it survives in a world where others can appreciate


Me'Shon La'Kair is an up and coming author who is a native of Baton Rouge, LA she has been

writing since the age of 14. She has received her Bachelor of Arts in English and Creative Writing

from Southeastern Louisiana University. She has recently published her first book called Passed

the Moments, Through the Tears, Out of Concrete.

She is a member of Omega Phi Alpha which is a National Community Service Organization. She

writes poetry, fiction, and short stories but her favorite form of writing is poetry. In her spare time

she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, and she also likes traveling, sports, and



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~~~BLOG TOUR & GIVEAWAY~~~ #Player by Cambria Hebert

Title: #Player
Series: Hashtag Series
Author: Cambria Hebert
Genre: NA Contemp/College Romance
Release Date: March 9, 2015

Players gotta play.

Hate is like a poison. It contaminates everything.

So does doubt.

Even though I deny what I overheard, even though I insist it isn’t true, the seed of doubt has been planted. I can’t help but be tormented with the endless what-if’s that have taken over our lives.

Romeo and I were happy in love. The future stretched before us brighter than any star in the darkest sky. Now everything is broken. Literally broken. Romeo’s entire career is at stake, my entire future is threatened… and my past?

It’s coming back to haunt me.

To haunt us.

Romeo says we’re in this together and right now the only sure thing is us. But how far can a love so new be pushed? The lengths we will have to go to save each other puts everything at risk.

Romeo is a #player but how much of the game can one person play?

Cambria Hebert is a bestselling novelist of more than twenty books. She went to college for a bachelor’s degree, couldn’t pick a major, and ended up with a degree in cosmetology. So rest assured her characters will always have good hair. 

Besides writing, Cambria loves a caramel latte, staying up late, sleeping in, and watching movies. She considers math human torture and has an irrational fear of chickens (yes, chickens). You can often find her running on the treadmill (she’d rather be eating a donut), painting her toenails (because she bites her fingernails), or walking her chorkie (the real boss of the house). 

Cambria has written within the young adult and new adult genres, penning many paranormal and contemporary titles. Her favorite genre to read and write is romantic suspense. A few of her most recognized titles are: Text, Torch, Tryst, Masquerade, and Recalled.

Cambria Hebert owns and operates Cambria Hebert Books, LLC. Email:

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