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~~~COVER REVEAL & GIVEAWAY~~~ RESISTING by Chelle Bliss This novella is part of OWNED: An Alpha Anthology


Title: Resisting

Author: Chelle Bliss

Release Date: November 10, 2014 as part of OWNED: An Alpha Anthology



I belong to no one.

It’s the way I’ve chosen to live. Master of my own destiny, finding my way through this bullshit thing called life.

I learned from a young age how to get my way. Being a woman isn’t a weakness. It’s the opposite. I’ve spent my life being surrounded by four overbearing brothers, but I’ve never been a wallflower. Independent and unwilling to be tied down, I grabbed life by the balls and lived it to the fullest.

I was enjoying myself, minding my own business at my brothers wedding. Then WHAM.

Ever have a man walk into your life and alter your entire universe? My answer would’ve been no before he tempted me into his bed.

I’m talking about the big damn bang.

Everything that I thought was right, suddenly spins on its axis and bitch slaps me in the face.



Men of Inked

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OWNED: An Alpha Anthology


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About the Author

Chelle bliss

Chelle Bliss is a USA Today Best Selling author and the creator of the best selling series, Men of Inked.

She taught high school for over ten years and has a Master’s of Education. Recently, she’s been able to leave her teaching position to focus solely on writing.

Twitter: @ChelleBliss1 | Facebook Fan page: Search for Bliss’ Book Hangout

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~~BLOG TOUR with GIVEAWAY~~ BOUND IN BLUE by Jessica Ingro

Strong ties aren't easily broken...

First loves have the ability to fill us with hope and then shatter us when they end. Some people can pick up the pieces and move on. Others simply learn how to exist as a fragment of the person that they used to be.

Shane “Mack” MacAllister is one of the ones simply existing. His wife Ella died at a young age, leaving him alone and broken. Shane knew he’d never be able to give himself to another, believing there was nothing left to give. That is until a young, feisty doctor blazed into his life and made him rethink letting someone into what’s left of his tattered heart.

Dr. Megan Huntley has devoted her life to taking care of others, ever since her twin sister was brutally murdered. She might not have been able to save her sister, but she has made it her mission to help other victims. Long hours in the Emergency Room and volunteer work at the Rape Crisis Center leave little time for relationships. When Megan meets the rugged and handsome Shane MacAllister, she decides to throw caution to the wind and take the police detective for a ride. Too bad she can’t get him out of her head… or her life.

Will Shane and Megan be bound together by true love? Or will past loves and tragedy tear them apart?

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the pearls, I pulled her over to the dining room table. My hands on her waist
helped her up on the table where I positioned her on her knees with her back
facing me. The only thing she wore besides the choker was a sexy pair of heels
that I made her put on before we started. The loop of pearls rested in her ass
crack and the heels of the shoes pressed into the curves of her ass. She was
quite simply perfection. I could have stared at her posed like this for hours.

on the pearls her head came back, giving me perfect access to her neck. I ran
my tongue along her skin, feeling goose bumps form on the flesh.

you like being at my mercy?” My voice was low and full of lust. I loved that she
had this effect on me.

she whispered.

yourself, Megan. Rub that clit for me.”

immediately obeyed. Her breath hitched when I pinched her nipples hard at the
same time I bit down on the section of skin where her neck and shoulder met.

you wet?” I continued to roll her nipples between my thumb and forefinger.

she answered after several long seconds.

me how wet. Dip your finger inside and then bring it to my lips.”

dutifully obeyed, rubbing her slick digit across my bottom lip before I sucked
it into my mouth. Releasing her finger, I instructed her to go back to touching
herself. Grabbing a bottle of lube from my jacket pocket, I poured it down her
ass crack. Her body trembled as my finger teased her puckered hole before
slipping past the ring of muscles. I moved it in and out at a slow pace.

beautiful. Do you know that?”

only answer was for her head to fall forward and a ragged breath to leave her

day I’m going to fuck you here. You like that idea. I can tell.”

nodded, so I picked up the pace and continued talking low to her. “Tell me how
bad you want my cock right now. How bad you want me to fuck you. Make me crazy,
buttercup. Make me want to tear you in two.”



at the bar, I flagged down the bartender and ordered two beers. Waiting for my
change, I jumped when warm breath danced against the skin of my neck. “Tell
your friend you’re leaving. I want
you naked and lying on your bed in exactly thirty minutes.” The word friend was
said like it tasted bad.

if I say no?” The words came out breathlessly as my body tingled with

A full body shiver worked through me. One word, highly effective.

can’t waste my beer,” I argued.

positioned his hands on either side of my body and leaned into my back, getting
as close as he could to me. My belly pressed into the bar, and I thought he
might kiss me, but after several seconds he plucked a bottle from in front of
me. “Now you have no excuse.” I jumped when he landed a smack on my butt, and
then I was watching his back saunter away with my beer.

reeling from what just happened, I shook my head and followed him to the
backroom. The whole way I argued with myself over whether or not I was going to
do as he said. On the one hand, I really wanted my fix of him. It was one of
the reasons I had come out tonight. Okay, it was actually the reason. On the other hand, I hadn’t seen John in a really long
time, and I didn’t like the idea of Mack making me leave when he wanted me to.
And the threat of punishment wasn’t so much of a deterrent, but rather
compelled me to want to disobey him.

was lowering himself in a seat next to Kara when I hit the room. My heart
skipped a beat at how good he looked. His tight white t-shirt stretched across
his chest, and his long legs were clad with worn blue jeans. He leaned back in
the chair and stretched his leg out in front of him, crossing them at the
ankle. He looked casual and laidback, but his eyes were avidly watching me with
an attentiveness that until that point I’d only seen him use in the bedroom. It
was enough to convince me to leave.

you get yourself one?” John asked when I handed him his beer.

Got called into work. I’m off on Sunday if you want to come over for dinner.
I’ll make sauce.”

grin was infectious and I found myself smiling even though my insides were
knotted after my conversation with Mack. “I could never pass up your sauce.
I’ll bring a bottle of wine.” John leaned in and kissed my cheek. “I’m glad I
ran into you. I was afraid after all this time away you just didn’t want to see
me anymore.” Even though his tone was joking, I knew he meant the words. After
our history, I couldn’t blame him for being concerned.

I said with conviction. “I really have to go. I’ll see you Sunday.”


turned on my heel and pushed through the crowd towards the exit. Looking over
my shoulder, my eyes met Mack’s and I swear I felt his gaze straight down to my toes.


Jessica is the author of the Love Square & Concierge series. She grew up in Central New York, where she spends her days as a Security Analyst at an IT consulting company. In her free time, she enjoys reading books and developing ideas for her own stories. Writing is her secret passion that she's been fostering since elementary school, when she wrote her first book about a puppy. It has always been a dream of hers to be able to share her stories with the world.

Jessica currently lives in New York with her husband and three dogs.


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~~~RELEASE BLITZ~~~~ GRAYSON by Lisa Eugene

All she needed was a job…
The last thing twenty-four year old grad student Angie Roberts needs is to worry about her new boss’s father. After all, she’s never even seen him. He remains sequestered upstairs in a house that looks like it should be the main feature in an episode of Hoarders. She had no idea the house was such a dump when she took the job. But she’s concerned about the safety and health of the old man living under such horrid conditions.

What she got was a mystery…
Despite warnings not to venture upstairs, she wanders up to the second floor. What she sees is shocking. The man she finds is a gorgeous, sexy, middle-aged man-- and he's stepping out of the shower. But something is definitely not right. Why would this wealthy, handsome man live in a house in such disrepair while his nine-teen year old son resides in a lavish penthouse? Why does he hide away from society? Why does he come to her rescue and then run away?

What she discovered was heartbreaking…
Angie learns that forty-four year old Grayson Whitmore suffers from schizophrenia. Paranoid, he retreats into his own world.

What she ended up with was a treasure…
Angie is determined to get through to him. They form a friendship that blazes into an inconceivable love fired with erotic passion. Angie must now come to Grayson’s rescue because the wicked that has been perpetrated on him is unconscionable. First, though, she must gain the trust of a man whose mind does not allow for such a thing.

I watched Grayson discard the condom into one of the garbage bags. I pouted, staring at him. “You know, I’m still mad at you.”
I didn’t want him to think he’d gotten away with putting me through a week of hell, of not knowing if he was truly okay.
“Still mad?” He swung his gaze to me, incredulous. Laughter danced in his blue eyes. “After what just happened between us?”
I rolled my eyes. Leave it to a man to think that good—great—okay, freaking fantastic sex, would fix everything.
He regarded me with a lopsided grin and said, “Yeah, I could really feel your anger as you were screaming for me to pound you harder.”
My jaw dropped in shock. I couldn't believe he’d just said that. This man was outrageous! My eyes rounded and I gave him a playful punch on his chest.
“I did not!”
“Let’s see...” He screwed up his face, grinning. “I guess when you said, ‘Fuck me, Grayson,’ you really meant, ‘Oh, Grayson, I’m so mad at you!’”
I kept hitting him as he laughed and raised his palms in his defense. What made it worse was that he mimicked me in a high-pitched girly voice, which sent me into unwanted hysterics.
He continued, “Or, when you said, ‘Harder, Grayson, harder!’ you really meant, ‘I’m really pissed right now.’”
“You are the most frustrating man I’ve ever known!” I declared with a huff, pushing him backwards into the upholstered chair.
He was a big man and he no doubt allowed me to topple him, but I was surprised when he grabbed my waist and pulled me down onto his lap.

Lisa Eugene began writing as a way to mentally escape from the hectic medical world where she has been a practicing nurse for over twenty years. After publishing her first novel, STRICTLY BUSINESS, she quickly learned that readers couldn't get enough of the world she created and now she lives out her wildest fantasies by writing steamy romantic suspense for her fan-favorite Washington Memorial Hospital series.

When she's not plotting her next dangerous, fast-paced, sexy adventure, you can find her juggling a full time job, playing soccer mom, or curled up reading a good romance.