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Reprisal by Kathy Coopmans
Sequel to CONTRITE

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Clove Calloway thought she ended her nightmare life when she stabbed herself.

When the darkness took over, she thought she’d find peace. Seeing her husband die by the hands of his traitorous brother, Trent, destroyed her. Little did
she know, her dreadful life without Turner is just the beginning. She awakens from one nightmare right into another, confined in a house with the Master
Manipulator of them all.

Now, she's fighting for her life instead of trying to end it. As the truth unfolds, layer upon layer of deceit could suffocate her. How many times and in
how many way can she be betrayed? But Clove refuses to lose. Just how she's going to win is a plan she's yet to determine...

Zack is determined to find his sister Clove, he knows she is out there somewhere. He can feel it. He wants her home. And he is going to find her! He’s
ready to take down the evil that has her in his clutches. Only he’s just as shocked as Clove when the truth unfolds…

There’s more…. So much more. Are you ready?

Revenge. Retaliation.


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Something is terribly wrong. I can feel it. My stomach is restricting, contracting. “Oh God.” My hands clutch my stomach. Excruciating pain progresses from
my lower abdomen.

“Clove.” That grating voice reaches my ears from across the room.

“Stay the hell away from me.” His bare feet appear in my line of vision. His jean clad legs bend landing him on his hands and knees in front of me.
“Please,” My voice wobbly. I’m petrified. I don’t know what’s happening or why. An unsettling feeling begins to well inside of me, clamping my eyes shut as
another agonizing pain jolts. Only this time the pressure is so intense, so unbearable, making my body shake, beads of sweat instantaneously emerge on my
forehead. “Trent.” Someone is calling his name, it’s not me though as my ability to speak is gone. My hearing is not.

There is nothing in this world that could make me not recognize the sound of that southern accent calling out Trent’s name. My heart pounding at an
increasingly rapid pace. A dozen needles stabbing profusely over and over again.

My forehead crinkles in confusion, lifting it slowly, the click clack of her heels on the hardwood floor, louder the closer they approach. Heels as bright
red as the blood beginning to pool underneath my body, those shoes are demanding the right to be heard as she squats down next to Trent. “W…what are you
doing here?” My trembling sound waves ricochet throughout the room.

“You don’t look so well Clove, my dear.”

Her sound sugary sweet. She’s watching me so intensely. I don’t know how or why it hits me, but it does. When her head tilts to the side, her snide smirk
graces her face.

“Y…you,” I say through a clenched breath. The last thing I remember before I fall on my side, crying, pleading, begging god to save my baby is the sound of
her malicious laugh.

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CONTRITE on sale for .99
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Author Bio:

Kathy is a Michigan native where she lives with her husband Tony. They have two son's Aaron and Shane.

She is a sports nut. Her favorite sports include NASCAR, Baseball and Football.

She retired last year from being a full time hairstylist to pursue her writing career.

She has always been an avid reader and at the young age of 50 decided she wanted to write. She claims she can do several things at once and still stay on
task. Her favorite quote is "I got this."

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Book Title
Out of the Shadows

Book Genre
Paranormal Romance

Page Numbers

Bethany Shaw

Devon Harris will do anything to protect his younger sister from becoming a breeder, even leave the pack. He and his younger siblings seek refuge at his Uncle Rick's ranch. There he meets the fiery human Lark. War is on the horizon, and Lark is a temptation Devon can't resist. Can Devon protect his family and keep her safe?

Lark Davies is the sole guardian of her younger sister, and the owner of The Cookie Jar. When she's not working, she spends her free with the Harris family. She knows they are werewolves, but it doesn't matter. They are her family. When Devon Harris shows up at the ranch, Lark finds herself instantly drawn to him.
Enemy wolves attack the ranch, and Lark and Devon find themselves working together to save the people they love most. Lark has known werewolves existed for some time, but she never knew how dangerous they could be.

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Lark opened her eyes, taking in the pitch black hotel room, illuminated only by the moonlight. Sweat beaded around her neck and brow. Hair stuck to the nape of her neck. She sat up and looked around at the barely visible furniture. Movement by the window caught her eye.
Devon stood at the window arms crossed over his chest. His broad shoulders accented by the bright white of the moon. Lark stared at the fine plains of his bare back. She licked her lips taking him all in. Her body shuddered recalling the way he'd felt pressed against her - the way his lips had caressed hers a day ago.
Lark blinked the images away. Thankful for the darkness that hid the heat creeping across her face. Her throat parched, she pushed the covers back to get a drink of water from the sink.
The cool water alleviated some of the heat, and glided down her parched throat. She pushed the wet strands out of her face and walked to the window. Devon hadn't moved. Preston and the three other guys lay sound asleep on the floor. They'd been kind enough to give her the only bed.
"Do you not sleep?" Lark joined him at the window. Her eyes glued to the door across the street. To think, her sister was in that room. Lark wondered if Sarah was okay. Was she sleeping? In pain? Would they hurt her? The list went on and on.
"It's my turn to keep watch. Daniel said they wouldn't leave till morning, but I don't want to risk it." Devon looked over at her for a moment his eyes slipped down to take in her plaid pants before he turned back to the window.
She'd gone with Preston to the store earlier to pick up a few things. They'd both needed the distraction. She normally slept in boy-shorts, but after her run in with Devon the other morning, and considering she was sharing a room with five guys, she had thought better.
"Oh, I didn't realize you guys were keeping watch. I can keep a look out if you want to rest."
"It's okay. Preston will take over in another half hour." Devon shrugged. "I'm used to the late nights; it's actually been a little bit of shell shock to get used to days. As an EMT I worked the twelve hour night shift. Most incidents happen at night, you get used to being up all night. My nights off I usually spent out too. Vincent likes to party. I went along for something to do and keep him out of trouble."
"I can see that about Vincent. I bet you've seen some interesting things on your job?"
Devon smiled, the moonlight lit his hazel eyes. "People never cease to amaze you. I've seen the traumatic to the dramatic."
Lark laughed. "I can imagine. You see stories on the news every so often, where someone calls 911 for a cheeseburger, or something ridiculous like that."
"Those are the people who don't understand the absorbent bill they get in the mail for our services either," Devon chuckled.
The smile lit his entire face. It gave her a rare glimpse of him. Lark wondered what had happened in his past to make him so distant. Slowly, he seemed to be opening up to her. She hoped he continued to do so.
"I'm sure you get interesting characters in The Cookie Jar."
"Yeah, about half my customers are regulars. It's kind of nice getting to talk to everyone. You'd be amazed what people tell you though. I've heard so many things that I really didn't want to know." Lark placed her hands on the windowsill, leaning forward. She peered out the sheer curtains.
Her thoughts drifted back to Sarah and Emily; at least they had each other.
"They won't hurt her."
Lark looked up at him surprised, taking a moment to register his words. She nodded and sighed, eyes darting back to the door across the street. The street seemed to stretch endlessly. It felt like miles separated them instead of mere feet. She would feel better once she could hold Sarah in her arms again.
"Have you ever thought about becoming a doctor or a nurse? You know taking your training to the next level?" Lark needed a distraction and she was curious about Devon.
"My bedside manner sucks."
Lark met his smile. "But would you?"
Devon leaned forward before rocking back on his heels. "I don't know. I never really thought about it."
Lark nodded. "I always enjoyed baking. I never in my life thought I'd own my own bakery. But I couldn't imagine doing anything else."
"I do like the blueberry muffins."
"You guys do seem to have a sweet tooth. Well, actually, I've noticed you guys eat just about anything."
Devon laughed. "It's our metabolism. Especially when we shift a lot; it makes us hungry."
"I can tell." Lark looked over at him. "Do you do it often? Shift I mean?"
"I try to once a day; some days, like when I worked, I couldn't. The wolf is a part of who we are. Shifting is important for our mental well being. As a rule, we try to shift three to four times a week. The only exception is when women are pregnant. The shift is harmful to the fetus since the body transforms from a human into a wolf."
"Does it hurt when you change?" Lark couldn't stop herself from asking.
"It's a pleasure pain."
"I imagine it's exhilarating."
"You really are genuinely interested aren't you?" Devon turned to her eyes locked on hers.
Lark swallowed at the intensity of his gaze and lowered her eyes to the floor.
"I...I'm not trying to be rude."
"I know." Devon's fingers grazed her chin, tilting it back up. "I've never met someone who's been so understanding - who's wanted to learn more."
His thumb cupped her chin softly eyes glued to hers. She licked her lips in anticipation.
Slowly his face inched toward hers, their breath mingled. Her heart raced, and body scorched with arousal. His woodsy scent filled her nostrils. Eyes closed, his lips grazed against hers. Devon's stubble scratched her chin; his lips so soft against hers.

Bethany Shaw lives in Ohio with her husband and two kids. Writing has always been her passion and she loves sharing her stories with readers.
When she isn't writing, she is spending time with her family. They enjoy bike rides, bowling, and board games.Sign up for Bethany Shaw's newsletter and stay upt to date on new releases, teasers, and sales. You can sign up for her newsletter by following the link below.




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By: Barbara Speak

Cover Model: Mac Robinson 

Available Now!

"I love a book that can keep me guessing!

With twists and turns you won't see coming this is a must read for 2015!"

#1 NYT Best Selling Author Rachel Van Dyken

Arianna Dubray is nothing like the girl she left

in Baltimore. Once a Prada shoe wearing, Michael Kors bag carrying, on top of

the world seventeen-year-old girl, Arianna knew that her life would never be

the same when she got out of the car in middle-of-nowhere Montana.

Canyon Michaels is the keeper of his own dark

secrets. Plagued by his family name, he's forced to prove the town wrong and

make it on his own.

The last thing Arianna needs is a reason to stay,

but with every passing day the decision to leave becomes harder. Once their

paths cross nothing can tear them apart, other than the secrets that start to

surface and the nightmares that soon become their reality.

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.  I have to say I really enjoyed this book.  Barbara did a wonderful job on Ari's story. A teen who's life changed overnight.  Up and moves to a whole new state and meet Canyon.  Ari has a hard time trusting in anyone especially with all she had gone through. Her sister Shelby loves horses and really adores Canyon. With all Ari and Canyon get thrown at them can they have a friendship? Do they fall in love and be able to both have a happy ever after? Especially where Canyon has a past himself that comes back to bite him.  Great storyline and love the characters. I can't wait to read more about Ari and Canyon.  

 The truck was just as ugly the

second time I had seen it as it was the first. Nothing was endearing or cute

about it. He must have bought it off an elderly farmer who couldn't drive

anymore because no one would be selling this beast in a car lot that's for

sure. Opening the door, the same wave of stale cigarette smoke hit me. This

time I slid myself over to the passenger side and rolled down the window doing

the same on my side after I was done. The cracking noise could still be heard

when I pulled the door closed too.

"I can't say I expected you

to change while I was in class but it sure would have been nice."

I put the key in the ignition and

turned it over only to hear a click and then nothing.

"NO, NO, NO! Please don't do

this to me!"

Four more attempts with the same

result. Nothing.


I pulled out my phone to call for

someone to get me but that someone didn't exist. He would rather me never come

back. My mother wouldn't dare go against his wishes and Shelby obviously can't


Grabbing my purse and backpack I

started doing the only thing I could, I walked. I tried to find positive in a

negative situation but there really wasn't one. My feet hurt, I was thirsty and

if one more person drove by staring at me without even offering me a ride I was

going to flip out. I thought country people were supposed to be nice. Isn't

that what everyone says? Well, they're wrong or there aren't any in Highgrove,


My cell phone died sometime

around four-thirty. Well, that was the last time I checked it and around

ten minutes later it was dead. I had been walking for over an hour and a half

and saw a total of two cars.


DESERVE THIS?" I screamed it at the top of my lungs hoping God would just

finish the job and take me out of my misery.

All of a sudden, I heard the

engine of a car coming from behind me. This was it. My final hope for humanity

to restore itself. It got closer. I could feel the wind change and the

vibration within it.

"Please, please be someone

nice enough to give me a ride or someone crazy enough to off me ‘cause I can't

take this anymore."

I turned around just as the truck

approached me praying for a miracle but sure enough the prick kept his foot on

the pedal.

"That's fucking it!"

I grabbed a handful of rocks from the

side of the road and threw them right at that pretty truck he was driving.

"Have that, asshole!"

The brake lights came on just as

the clang from the rocks started hitting the tailgate. The tires screamed

against the blacktop while the back end kicked to the side from stopping so

fast. My eyes practically bulged out of my head when the driver side door flew



And oh shit was mild compared to

what I would have said if I had known who the fury coming at me was before I

decided to throw rocks at his truck. How could I not have thought it was him? I

had seen that truck before.







I can't believe I did it. Never in

a million years would I have ever even thought to do something like this but I

reached down in my rage, grabbed a handful of rocks again and threw them right

at his chest. Wall of muscle or not he could take that and suck on it.


Barbara Speak loves nothing more than being allowed to share her ideas and

thoughts through books that so many enjoy. When she's not writing she's caring

for her son and daughter along side her amazing husband in rural Missouri. She

has 5 more babies but these are covered in fur. Bode the boxer, Tucker the

beagle and Lily, Callie and Connor her kitties.

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Barbara Speak:


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