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  • 11/7 – #FlashbackFriday – Blog’s First Design - This one’s fun! Oh, how blogs evolve! Go to, enter your blog’s URL, and take a screenshot of what you used to look like!

So for Day Seven we have Flashback Friday of what our Blog's First Design was.  Well my blog I believe I had started it with just a general template that had books on it.   To be honest it might have even had just a straight backround cause it was something I was playing around with to see if I wanted to blog. But when I decided to name my blog and such I had an old friend with a giveaway  for a blog design free and I happened to win and what you see is what I have had for Little Red's Book Reviews.

I really hope all my followers are enjoying the seven days of the #BookBlogWriMo so far I know I am having a blast with it.   


TITLE – Heart Ties

SERIES – Club Ties

AUTHOR – Em Petrova

GENRE – contemporary biker romance, romantic suspense


LENGTH (Pages/# Words) – novel 65k words

PUBLISHER – Hartwood Publishing

The only thing keeping Ex-Marine Drake from drinking himself into an early grave is his love of leather, horsepower, and his motorcycle club. Battling to adapt to a world where he isn’t blowing everything up, he roams the highways to keep his mind off his past. But after a mission to kidnap the curvy, tattooed goddess, Delta, he finds avoiding the bottle a little easier. Especially since he can only dream of finding solace against her silky body.

Delta would do anything to escape a life where pain and fear control her. She’s lived as a slave and outsider since she could walk. When a scary biker clan storms into her life and introduces her to her long-lost sister, she’s shocked to find warmth and comfort. While Delta knows better than to hope for a life she can’t have, Drake refuses to let her slip back into the hell she knows.

Plunged into a world of gambling, guns, and drugs isn’t her idea of paradise, but hunky Drake makes her pulse pound. Is it too much to believe that Drake can save her from her torment? And what can she do about extinguishing that burning, haunted look in his eyes?


Jamison brought his fist down on the table. “You couldn’t have mentioned that you stormed into the Raiders club and took Delta?”

Drake stared at his vice prez. He liked Jamison—trusted him. Only Jamison knew how deep Drake had sunk after his tours of duty or how much alcohol he’d consumed. The few who knew about
Drake’s leg thought he’d lost it in war, but the truth was, he’d lost it to idiocy.

Jamison was a fool if he believed they hadn’t used force to get Delta. “Did you think we’d just parley with the enemy and they’d gladly hand over their woman?”

Jamison raked his fingers through his hair, leaving tracks. His face was tense. “The MC rules are full disclosure. You fucking tell me everything that happens out there.” He pointed at the door and the world beyond. “I don’t care if it’s a drug run or you shoot up a club to get back Ever’s sister.”

“No one fired a shot,” Pax said.
“Then how the fuck did you take Delta by force?” Jamison looked at each of them, probably looking for split lips or knuckles, evidence of a fistfight.

“Drake had a bomb.”

Jamison met Drake’s gaze. He knew what Drake had done in the Marines. What he’d done for his country. He blew shit up, but he’d lost his leg from driving drunk.

“Okay.” Jamison’s eyelid twitched. “From now on, the club needs to know this shit. Got it?”

“Yeah.” Drake wasn’t concerned with the club at this moment. When the asshole Raiders’ prez had moved, Delta had folded up. An abused woman if Drake had ever seen one.

He clenched his teeth. “If this is club business, what the fuck are we going to do to get her back?”
Jamison rested his hands on the table. Strother might be president, but they’d all followed Jamison while Strother took care of his own shit. First he’d lost his son to drugs then his wife had gone crazy with grief.

“She wasn’t trying to escape the Raiders in the first place,” Jamison said.

Drake didn’t agree, but he remained silent.

“She has a right to return with them.”

Silent—until now. “Do you think for a minute they’ll let her come visit her sister?” He had opinions about how free Delta was to come and go anyway. Now they’d lock the fortress around her.
Jamison shook his head. “No, they won’t. But do we start another war?”
The Hell’s Sons had just battled the local charter of the Raiders in order to get Ever back. Just days ago some of their men had fallen. They’d barely gotten them buried, and now they were talking about another war.

“I’ll go alone.”
Everyone stilled. In the other room, Ever’s sobs sounded, followed by Ace’s comforting tone. Jamison clenched his fists. They were all protective of Ever, and that had extended to Delta for the time she was here. Both women had something that reached into a man’s chest and tugged at his heart.

Family—Noah Gundersen
Crash This Train – Joshua James
Come Away to the Water—Maroon 5
Lay Low—Shovels and Rope
Boathouse—Noah Gundersen
That Sea, the Gamler—Gregory Alan Isakov
A Tendency to Start Fires—Bush

Em Petrova lives in Backwoods, Pennsylvania, where she raises 4 kids and a Labradoodle named Daisy Hasselhoff. Her heroes are hardworking heroes—in bed and out—and she is known for panty-scorching erotic romance.


Up for grabs is a photo of Jax from Sons of Anarchy signed by Charlie Hunnam

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~~DAY SIX~~ #BookBlogWriMo 11/6 – #TBT – Favorite Childhood Books

  • 11/6 – #TBT – Favorite Childhood Books - What were some of your favorite books way back when? This could be a read from before you could read, or what you spent summers by the pool with in high school.
Well my favorite childhood books were Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys.

 The Bobbsey Twins were another great read.
  My third grade teacher Mrs.Campbell used to read to us daily and she would read these so I started a collection of Nancy Drew books. As a little child I loved and collected the Sweet Pickles books they were awesome.  
 I have always been a reader and I think the Sweet Pickles and Dr.Suess was what I really liked. I do remember one childhood book call Digger Dan. 


Figured giving a picture you could see what the book was about.  I don't know why it was one of my favorites but it was.  

  When I was in highschool my parents and I would go to Vermont on the weekends with friends of theirs at their camp.  Well I would read in the car going up and coming back.  I really loved laying out in the sun with some books and mainly it was the Sweet Valley High books yeah I had that collection. I did read others in highschool but that is the main series I remember going to the bookstore and buying as many of them as I could. OH THOSE WERE THE DAYS.  

So that is my TBT 


  • 11/5 – Where You Blog - Bonus for a picture!
Where I blog is at my computer desk that is in my bedroom.  My TV is right next to me so while TV is on I blog or whatever I need to do or want to do at my computer.   The desk has my laptop,my lamp and my printer.  Of course desk wouldn't be complete without the mountains and mountains of papers.  


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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

~~DAY FOUR #BookBlogWriMO~~ WHY YOU BLOG????

Why You Blog?  I blog cause I feel it is one of the best way for everyone to learn about books.  With being a book blogger to be able to read books before it has been made public is awesome.  To be a beta reader is one thing I like having an author trust me enough to read their work before it has been published and to get my input.   I love promoting authors and their work.  To let everyone know who the new upcoming authors are,cover reveals for new books and letting everyone know what book is coming out from their favorite author.

   I really enjoy sharing my opinion about an author and their work with the world.  I feel it is important to give reviews to help support authors and whether it is a good or bad review I feel it should be told of how I felt. 

  With being a book blogger I get to do events like this first time #BookBlogWriMo, go to book signings and to meet other fabulous bloggers and authors.    My rewards for being a blogger is supporting the authors and spreading the word and sharing my passion. 

Monday, November 3, 2014

~~~DAY THREE #BookBlogWriMo ~~~WHERE DO YOU READ??? #BookBlogWriMo

HERE IS DAY 3 #BookBlogWriMo

  • 11/3 – Where You Read -
Well where do I read lets see... ANYWHERE I CAN.   I read when I am in bed.  If we are going for a car ride I pull out my Kindle and read.   Waiting at the doctors office.   I love cuddling with my granddaughter and reading to her.  

Here I am on my couch reading Twilight. 

Sunday, November 2, 2014

~~DAY TWO of #BookBlogWriMo~~~ HOW YOU READ?? #BookBlogWriMo

Here is day two of the #BookBlogWriMo.  The question is below as well as my answer.   I really hope your enjoying my posts as I am enjoying writing them and sharing with all of you.

  • 11/2 – How You Read - Paperback? Hardcover? Ereader? Smartphone? Bookmarks, note taking in the margins, or highlighting? Tell us some of your reading rituals!
        Well I will read Paperback or Hardcover books. I love my Kindle Fire HDX and my Kindle Paperwhite. 

  To be able to take notes,highlight a word,phrase or paragraph is awesome. I love how it has the dictionary option when they use a word that I am clueless one.  I will sometimes write notes when I highlight just incase it was a "quote" or something that really got my attention so I can go back and use as a reference.    

   When reading actual physical books well I guess even when I am using my Kindle I will take notes and start my reviews as I read.    

   I love to read when I go to bed it helps me relax.  I could read anywhere actually.  Yes I have read using the Kindle app on my Smartphone as well as on my computer.    Also started listening to Audible books too.


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