Tuesday, November 4, 2014

~~DAY FOUR #BookBlogWriMO~~ WHY YOU BLOG????

Why You Blog?  I blog cause I feel it is one of the best way for everyone to learn about books.  With being a book blogger to be able to read books before it has been made public is awesome.  To be a beta reader is one thing I like having an author trust me enough to read their work before it has been published and to get my input.   I love promoting authors and their work.  To let everyone know who the new upcoming authors are,cover reveals for new books and letting everyone know what book is coming out from their favorite author.

   I really enjoy sharing my opinion about an author and their work with the world.  I feel it is important to give reviews to help support authors and whether it is a good or bad review I feel it should be told of how I felt. 

  With being a book blogger I get to do events like this first time #BookBlogWriMo, go to book signings and to meet other fabulous bloggers and authors.    My rewards for being a blogger is supporting the authors and spreading the word and sharing my passion. 

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