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Title: Bohemian (Stone Masters Vampire #4)

Author: Vanessa Fewings

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Publication Date: October 22, 2013

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Immortals exist. Their underworld is real.

And they want her dead.

When a girl goes missing from the streets of London, Inspector Ingrid Jansen sets out to find her, but with every step she takes toward solving the case, mysterious forces mobilize to stop her.

Infamous vampires Jadeon and Orpheus reemerge into Ingrid’s life. But what are their intentions? Are they allies or enemies?

Ingrid will be forced to push past the boundaries of fear and love in order to solve a centuries-old riddle that delves deeper than she could have imagined.

This is the time to let inhibitions go. This is the time of the Bohemian.The Stone Masters Vampire Series: A Vampire’s Rise, A Vampire’s Reckoning, & A Vampire’s Dominion). Mortal Veil Stone Masters 0.5 short story

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About the Author

Vanessa Fewings (aka V.M.K. Fewings) is the award-winning author of The Stone Masters Vampire Series. Her first erotic novel, Enthrall, will be released later this summer. Prior to publishing, Vanessa worked as a registered nurse and midwife. She holds a Masters Degree in Psychology. She has travelled extensively throughout the world and has lived in Germany, Hong Kong, and Cyprus. Born and raised in England, Vanessa now proudly calls herself an American and resides in California with her husband.

Vanessa has been invited as a special guest to attend the Anne Rice Vampire Lestat Fan Club’s Annual Ball and Undead Con in New Orleans this Halloween.

Alongside some of the most distinguished authors, including Anne Rice herself, Vanessa will be a guest on writer panels and at the author meet and greet where fans will get the chance to chat with her personally about her new vampire novel Bohemian.

Vanessa Fewings is repped by management firm IPG.

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THE MURDER WALL (Kate Daniels #1) by Mari Hannah

Title: The Murder Wall (Kate Daniels #1)

Author: Mari Hannah

Genre: Mystery

Publication Date: October 15, 2013

Published By: Witness Impulse an imprint of HarperCollins

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The Murder Wall: It's where you look death in the face.

Months after discovering a double homicide in a sleepy village, detective Kate Daniels is still haunted by her failure to solve the crime. When a new murder gives Daniels her first case as officer in charge, she jumps at another chance to get it right.

But even more shocking than the brutal killing is the fact that Daniels recognizes the corpse. Eager to prove herself, she decides to keep her connection to the dead man a secret from her team, putting her career in jeopardy as her personal and professional lives threaten to collide.

As the killer continues to claim his victims, Daniels unearths baffling clues in her search for connections among the murders . . . and while she draws closer to finding the culprit, he is watching her

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About the Author

Mari Hannah was born in London and moved north as a child. Her career as a probation officer was cut short when she was injured while on duty, and thereafter she spent several years as a film/television screenwriter. She now lives in Northumberland with her partner, an ex-murder detective. She was the winner of the 2010 Northern Writers’ Award and is a nominee for the 2013 Polari First Book Prize.

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Excerpt context: Kate Daniels and Hank Gormley arrive at a new crime scene on 5th November . . .

The foyer of Court Mews was a little pretentious for Daniels’ liking. She took a cursory look around, finding nothing out of the ordinary. As the lift doors slid open, she moved forward with Gormley hot on her heels. She turned, lifted her hand to his chest and pointed to the stairwell door. He headed off . . .

Moments later, Daniels left the lift on the fourth floor. A female officer standing guard outside number 24 greeted her. The scene was secured with thick tape: Police Crime Scene Do Not Enter. Before Daniels had a chance to introduce herself, Gormley arrived through a set of double doors. He bent double with his hands on his knees, taking a moment to get his breath back.

‘I’ve got to get back in the gym,’ he said.

Daniels smiled at the policewoman. ‘He’s being ironic. It makes our grim task a bit more bearable. He hasn’t seen the inside of a gymnasium since leaving junior school.’ Then, to Gormley: ‘Find anything?’

‘Negative … but it was different, I’ll give you that.’

‘In what way?’

‘No hypodermics, no used condoms … no stink of piss. Hardly our usual murder scene, is it?’ He looked at his watch and then at the WPC. ‘Time our visit please. This is DCI Daniels and I’m DS Gormley. Where’s the body?’

‘Second door on the right as you go in, Sarge.’

‘Who found him?’ Daniels asked.

‘His wife, Monica Stephens.’

‘Where is she now?’

‘Hospital, ma’am.’

Daniels thanked her and led Gormley by the arm into the apartment, checking the door frame for signs of a forced entry. It was clean. They walked on along a wide hallway, peering into the rooms on either side. Each one appeared to be immaculate; a place for everything and everything in its place, as far as they could tell – until they reached the lounge.

The room was cold and uninviting. Daniels didn’t care much for the decor: barring the blood on the walls, everything in the room was white. Surreal was the word that sprang to mind. It was more like a chilling art exhibit than someone’s private living space. As if an artist had deliberately splashed red paint across a white canvas for others to appreciate, placing the corpse of a white male carefully at its centre for effect.

In a London gallery it would probably win a prize.

‘I think we can safely assume he’s dead,’ Daniels said. ‘Call out the troops and contact Area Command. Tell them to start the house-to-house immediately. I want a mobile incident caravan too. The whole nine yards, if you can get it.’

Gormley made the call, then crouched down beside the body to get a closer look. The dead man was dressed in a dinner suit; his clothing intact, apart from a missing bow tie. A bullet wound had caused enormous trauma to one side of his skull.

‘Bet that smarted a bit …’ he said. ‘He must really have upset someone, given that it’s not a robbery.’

‘What makes you say that?’

Gormley looked up. ‘His wallet’s on the table by the door.’

Daniels knelt down beside him. But she didn’t stay there long. Although she’d seen death in all its grisly forms, for the second time in under a year she suddenly recoiled from a body. It was like this with Sarah Short and now – almost twelve months later – it was happening all over again.

Her actions telegraphed alarm to Gormley. He couldn’t fathom what he’d missed. His eyes shifted to a photograph she was staring at. He gave her a moment to compose herself, curiosity getting the better of him.

With her DS breathing down her neck, Daniels moved to the table near the door. She took out a pen and used it to open up the wallet. Inside was a driver’s licence and money – lots of it.

Gormley read over her shoulder. ‘Alan James Stephens. D’you know him?’

‘Trick of the light.’ She held up her glasses. ‘If I wore these more often, maybe I’d see a whole lot better.’

Gormley eyed her warily and chose to leave it alone.

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**RE-RELEASED** LOVERBOY by Trista Jaszczak


Title – Loverboy
Author – Trista Jaszczak
Genre – Romance/Thriller
Re-Release Date – October 31, 2013
Publisher– Planettopia Publishing
Cover Artist – Beetiful Designs

  Book Cover - Loverboy


When Charlotte Murphy escapes from the ruthless serial rapist and killer, Loverboy, she finds herself completely lost and scared to death. Lost, frightened, recovering, and in the sights of a brutal killer. In a most odd but clever tactic from the police, they assign Charlie 24/7 live-in protection; a move that is supposed to comfort her and make healing easier. Somehow, despite the odds, Charlie finds a refuge in officer Nick Andrews and in his arms she finds the strength to heal and the courage to move on with life. Nick finds everything that he wasn't looking for in Charlie’s eyes and a fight against a killer that becomes personal.




Author Photo


Trista Jaszczak (jazz-ick) is the author of the Believe series, retold, and upcoming relaunches, Loverboy, What Lies Inside and the Darkness Falls series. She is an Air Force spouse and mother to two mischievous and rambunctious little girls. She is originally from Hamilton, Ohio but calls home where ever the Air Force sends her. She currently resides in Anchorage, Alaska where she finds endless inspiration in the pure Alaskan wilderness. When she isn’t writing, she spends her time with her family in the vast Alaskan outdoors, plucking away at her old guitar or working on self improvement in the gym. She loves the outdoors, the moon, old movies and music.




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After experiencing a life-altering event, it changes everything. Arissa Perry's outlook on life and what is most important to her. Leaving her devastated and seeking comfort in the one place, she truly feels safe, those strong comforting arms and calming green eyes.

This time is different.

This time he is here and not just a figment of her dreams.

This will change everything.

Just when things feel perfect, it gets complicated. The one person she believed she knew is not who she thought. Will she still want him, when his secret is revealed? Her life will take some dramatic, unforeseen turns that lead to her Unexpected Destiny and Arissa must choose- fight or fail?


I am a small town girl, I currently reside in the same city that I was born and raised in. I love watching teen drama shows, reading, writing, and listening to music.

I have a loving family my mother who has taught me about love and lasting relationships. A father who pushes me to excel and succeed at anything I desire. My younger sister and I have become very close over the years and she is very supportive of everything I do.

I have been married for nine years to my best friend. I love my husband more than anything. He is so kind, loving and supportive. He likes to joke with his friends that, “My wife writes porn.”

We have a eleven year old daughter who is so smart and talented. I can’t believe how fast they grow up. She is turning into quite the young lady. She aspires to be so many things and I encourage them all. She loves to write songs, and has even tried her hand at writing a book. Maybe one day she will follow my example.

Being that I am from a small town, I have made some long lasting relationships. I have two best friends that I have known for most of my life. We have continued to stick together over the years and we are always there for one another. I couldn’t imagine my life without them.

Animal lover I am not, but I have a headstrong dog that is the absolute best-behaved dog I have ever seen and a cat that drive me insane, but I love her nonetheless.

I have always aspired to be a neonatal nurse and I continue to work towards that goal. Maybe one day it will come true. However, writing has become my new favorite love.

I never would have dreamed that I would become a writer, but some really great people convinced me otherwise. Eventually I decided to give it a try and what do you know? I just finished writing my second book and I couldn’t be happier. I will continue to write in my spare time with hopes of it becoming a full time career at some point in my life. So take note, I am just a small town girl trying to bring light to your darkness, anything is possible if you work hard at it. So hold your head high, get out there, and do what you love.

***COVER REVEAL*** PIERCED LOVE by t. h. snyder

SADIE'S MOUNTAIN by Shelby Rebecca

Sadie's Mountain Blog Tour Banner Updated


One fateful night, Sadie Sparks' young life was changed forever. Just as she was discovering love with her best friend, Dillon McGraw, someone else was plotting to take her for his own. Faced with choosing between the fear and threats and a safer life, Sadie leaves her West Virginia home for good. A decade later, Sadie returns to Appalachia to care for her ailing mother, but stays to fight for the mountain she loves. Her struggles to protect it from being ravaged for coal put her in greater danger than she ever imagined — and back in the arms of the man she never stopped loving. But the man responsible for changing her life so many years ago is determined to keep her under his control. When she decides to break free, will Sadie and Dillon's bond be strong enough to endure the truth about his identity?

Meet the Author

Originally from Wasilla, Alaska, I now live in Northern California in my first real house with my husband, John, daughter, Elise, and our two mutts, a beagle and an Australian terrier. I’m a vegetarian with a unique accent that merges Alaskan vowels with Valley Girl, and I love Ryan Gosling—but who doesn’t. The eco-theme in my book comes from being Healthy Child Healthy World's first ever Mom on a Mission in late 2009. My story was featured in People Magazine, Lifetime's Remarkable Women series, The Sacramento News and Review, and is a highlighted story on the advocacy website Care2. Sadie's Mountain is my debut novel.

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Book Synopsis:

Lies can be very dangerous and deadly little things.

Almost four years after Laney Matthews survived a brush with death by the hands of the serial killer, Robbie The Prowler Jameson, she’s finally picked up the pieces of her life and started over. She’s made new friends, began dating again, attended countless therapy sessions, and is about to graduate in the spring from Blackburn University. Ever since that fateful night, Laney has tried to surround herself with positivity, and so far she’s succeeded…but that’s all about to come crashing down around her. When news of Robbie’s release from prison, due to a technicality, is plastered all over the news, Laney’s bubble of security bursts and she begins to withdraw from everyday life. Her friends come up with an idea to pull her from this slump and plan a fun winter break getaway in order to clear her head. It’s here that she comes face to face again with Brent Lyles, the one that got away, and she begins to realize that maybe he’s the exact thing she’s been missing in her crazy life.

Something’s amiss at the sprawling rental property though, and when things quickly take a deadly turn, Laney and her friends are forced to fight for their lives. Has The Prowler returned to finish what he started years ago? And is Laney prepared to stand up to her past demons once and for all?

Expected Release Date – Late December (2013)/January (2014)

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

***COVER REVEAL*** A BLUE TALE by Sarah Dosher


The rock legend’s daughter…

Eli Blue Savage doesn’t trust musicians, especially those that idolize her dad. Her heart’s been broken by everyone she’s ever loved. Fairytale dreams and the music she locks inside her heart are all that keep her alive.

The musician with a dark past…

Deacon Chastain plays a blue guitar to match his rock idol, the man that saved him from a path of destruction. His life revolves around music; it’s the only thing that saves him from the darkness.

Hearts beat to the same rhythm…

Broken and scarred by their pasts, can they find a way to heal and move forward? No matter the adversity, even the hardest of hearts can be softened by love – music is easy; life is hard.

Goodreads link:


Sarah Dosher was born and raised in rural Oklahoma where she currently resides with her cowboy husband and twins (one cowboy and one cowgirl).

She is addicted to books and The Golden Girls. Her love for reading inspired her to write her first novel, Haven from the Storm. The prequel, Before the Storm, was published in August 2013 and the final in the series, Sanctuary from the Darkness, is set to publish early 2014. Dosher's first contemporary romance titled A Blue Tale will be released December 2013.

Cover designed by Sommer Stein at Perfect Pear Creative Covers