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ALMOST MATCHED Almost Bad Boy #1 by A.O. PEART


TITLE – Almost Matched (book #1)
SERIES – Almost Bad Boys
AUTHOR – A.O. Peart
GENRE – New Adult Romantic Comedy novella
PUBLICATION DATE – November 8, 2013
PUBLISHER – Three Graces Publishing
COVER ARTIST – Regina Wamba

Almost Matched-AOPeart-high

Would you take another shot at love? Or just settle on a friend with benefits? 

Their heartbreaking past will move you. Their passion will make you blush. Their antics will make you laugh out loud. 

Twenty-five-year-old Natalie Davenport lugs substantial baggage. One boyfriend after the next has been a total disaster, leaving Natalie distrustful toward the male population in general. So when Colin Hampton crosses her path, she’s cautious. Her heart (and some other body parts!) nudges her to go for it, while her head wants her to run for the hills. Colin is one of those gorgeous guys who attract women, no matter the age or marital status. With a successful career at a popular Seattle radio station, hard body, and charming personality, he is the complete package. But something dark lurks in the corners of his soul; some murky experience that has changed him—maybe for the better, but maybe for the worse. Will he steal her heart and stomp over it like other guys did? Will she let him into her heavily fortified world despite herself? Or will they settle somewhere in the middle—establishing the emotional boundaries to protect them from falling in love?


This contemporary romantic comedy blends humor, sensuality, and angst, with zany characters and witty dialogue. You will laugh out loud while blushing in embarrassment.

**Warning: contains sexual situations (some quite vivid!), profanity, and a high dose of sarcasm. Oh, and there is a lot of appletini and beer drinking. May not be appropriate for readers under 18 years old. Not intended for prudes and killjoys with no sense of humor**

THE SERIES: The Almost Bad Boys series are the stories of four feisty twenty-something women who refuse to let their past drag them down.

  Almost Matched-3900by2700

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I enter and apologize for being late. Both Melinda and Sabrina greet me with big smiles on their faces. Ali asks me if I want coffee, pointing to the stainless steel carafe on the table. I wish she would offer me a shot of vodka. Or two. The door opens, and the guy walks in.
“What did I miss?” One corner of his mouth lifts in a crooked smile, and his eyes find mine.
“Natalie, this is Colin Hampton, our boss,” Sabrina announces, gesturing to him. “Colin, meet Natalie Davenport, Allison’s business partner.”
He walks around the table, slowly like a predator stalking his prey. His mischievous eyes never leave mine, and he stretches his hand out to me. “Pleasure to meet you, Ms. Davenport.” His tone is low and polite, and his handshake firm but gentle. That paired with the humorous glint in his eyes and the little secretive smile makes me want to run out of the room, screaming. Declaring that I’m embarrassed is an understatement of massive proportion.
“Likewise,” I manage to choke out.
He holds my hand a second too long, and I jerk it back. I pour myself a glass of water and gingerly lower my butt onto a chair. Colin sits across from me, smiling slightly. Ali and the radio station girls are chatting and laughing, apparently—thank heavens—unaware of anything weird going on between Colin and me. He remarks on something that Sabrina says, and all three women burst out laughing. I have no clue what’s even said. My heart finally stops racing.
I steal a quick glance at Colin. He catches my eye again, and I promptly look away. But I can see in my peripheral vision that he cocks his head to one side and watches me with that lazy, crooked smile.
He is a handsome bastard, tall and broad-shouldered, with bright-blue eyes framed in thick, dark eyelashes. His face has this chiseled-like quality to it. Black hair and eyebrows are a perfect combination with his honey-colored skin. He sports a two-day stubble, carefully groomed into precise lines. There is a small jagged scar on his forehead close to his hairline, and I fleetingly wonder how he got it.
I take a sip of water. My hands are shaking, and I try not to spill. That would be the last straw, so I make an extra effort into preventing such disaster. It feels like a small victory when I manage to set down my glass on the table without creating a pool around it. I think I actually exhale with a sigh of relief. Colin raises one eyebrow at me. He watches my every move. This is getting unbearable. I take a few more mouthfuls of water, and he refills my glass from the colorful ceramic pitcher my parents brought last summer from their vacation in Sicily.

This time he smiles widely and winks at me. My heart does a little flip, and I almost spew the water out. He has a gorgeous smile. I bet he’s one of those guys that women are obsessed with. And I’m sure he knows it. Okay, it’s time to discuss business before my own mind spins out of control. For all I know he’s married—wait, no wedding ring—or has a girlfriend. Or a boyfriend. Although he doesn’t strike me as gay. For heaven’s sake, enough of that, Natalie. What the hell is happening to me?


Aretha Franklin “You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman”
Three Days Grace “Riot”
Pink Floyd “Goodbye” (The Wall)
Awolnation “Sail”
Evanescence “Bring Me To Life”
Family of the Year “Hero”
Brandi Carlile “Hallelujah”
Imagine Dragons “It’s Time”
Israel Kamakawiwo’ole “Over the Rainbow”
Anberlin “Innocent”
Sara Bareilles “Gonna Get Over You”


Angela Orlowski-Peart was born and raised in Poland. She describes herself as European born, American by choice. She was just seven-years-old when she decided to learn English and translate her favorite Polish fairytales. Angela is the author of the Young Adult and New Adult fiction novels. She writes in multiple genres, including paranormal, fantasy, urban fantasy, contemporary, sci-fi, and short stories. She is a member of Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators, Western Washington Chapter (, and several authors' and readers' networking groups on Facebook, Linkedin, and Goodreads. Angela speaks with Polish accent, and loves listening to the Southern drawl. She is passionate about watercolor painting, fashion—especially stilettos, rock climbing, environment, and organic food and gardening. She lives in the Seattle area with her family and a chronically curious cat.


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MY REVIEW of "DRAGONFLY (DRAGONFLY, #1)" by Leigh Talbert Moore

Dragonfly (Dragonfly, #1)Dragonfly by Leigh Talbert Moore
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Dragonfly was AMAZING. I received this book from Leigh for an honest review. Although it took me a while to read it cause the first time I started I couldn't get into it which just had to do with the genre I was reading at the time cause yeah sometimes a book I would normal read right away gets put on the back burner so I could read something different. Well let me tell you I am kicking myself for not reading this sooner. Although with the timing I have read this Undertow and Watercolor book 2 and 3 are out so to be able to read the series and not wait is awesome. Based on Anna,Julian,Jack and Lucy all highschool kids there is a mystery surrounding their past. Each one does have dreams and Anna is starting hers by internship at the newspaper. Which after a automobile accident involving two of her friends leaves her investigating her own story. I won't say more but it is a MUST READ SERIES. Leigh Talbert Moore knows how to keep her readers into her story.

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My Review of UNDERTOW (DRAGONFLY #2) by Leigh Talbert Moore

Undertow (Dragonfly, #2)Undertow by Leigh Talbert Moore
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

OMG I have to say The Dragonfly series by Leigh Talbert Moore has become one of my favorite series. In Undertow the book continues where Dragonfly left off with Anna doing her own personal research after she lands an internship with the newspaper. I hated to put the book down I have been drawn into this series and book two was amazing. To read the Journals of Meg,Lexi and Bill to learn about their past. I really was drawn into the journals. Felt like reading a friends journal. Leigh I have to say very well written and keep my interest. Can't wait to read book 3 Watercolor. LOVE LOVE LOVE Undertow. Hope Watercolor is just as good if not better which will be hard cause I liked Undertow better than Dragonfly,even though Dragonfly was GREAT.

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MY REVIEW of "WATERCOLOR (DRAGONFLY #3) by Leigh Talbert Moore

Watercolor (Dragonfly, #3)Watercolor by Leigh Talbert Moore
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I absolutely love this series. Watercolor the 3rd book in the series. Gets into Anna and Julian relationship. Also Julian learns things about who he is and what the deep dark secrets have been. Leigh Moore knows how to keep her readers interested. I hated putting the book down it was that intense. Can not wait till book 4 comes out. I want to see what Leigh Talbert Moore has in-store for Anna & Julian

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**BOOK BLITZ** CHERRY TART by Scarlett Jade

Cherry Tart Book Blitz Banner


Cherry Kilgore is a plus sized beauty who moonlights at a strip club and goes by the name Tart. She dances to have control over her body and chase away her demons, hiding behind a mask, the only thing that makes her feel free. She loves 'em and leaves 'em, never letting a man get too close. Until she meets a man one night that strips her bare with his electric green eyes.

Kellan Morgan is a playboy with a good heart, who loves a woman with real curves.

When he figures out that the woman hiding under her mask is worth revealing, he decides to play her game... A game that is full of pleasure, pain, going the distance and finally getting the ultimate prize...

Realizing that love can truly be found in the darkest of places.

Meet the Author

authorpicScarlett Jade is just a small town girl with big dreams who loves to write. She has always been found from a young age with her brow furrowed, scribbling words on paper or her nose in a book. Now that she is grown, life isn't much different, she still scribbles words, but mostly on the computer, and her nose is permanently glued to e-books! She is married to the man of her dreams, her real life knight in shining armor and Prince Charming and has one son who is the apple of her eye. You can typically find her playing in the dirt with her son, toying with her indoor vegetable garden, or snuggled on the couch with her dog Peanut Butter and cat Jelly, reading a good book. She loves chocolate, thinks coffee should be a religion, and loves to make people laugh with her quirky sense of humor. She is bold, brazen, and even been told she's ballsy, but she doesn't mind, she takes it in stride. She has a huge passion for all things paranormal and spicy love stories that leave you turning the pages and dying to slide between the sheets of the next book!

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***COVER REVEAL*** AT LAST (sequel to These Foolish Things) by Susan Thatcher

Title: At Last (sequel to These Foolish Things)

Author: Susan Thatcher

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release date: December 1, 2013


“These Foolish Things” is a response to all the love stories that begin with young lovers and end immediately after mutual declarations of love. Life continues after youth and love can happen anytime, anywhere.

“At Last” picks up where “These Foolish Things” leaves off. Elizabeth Gardner and Ty Hadley seem destined for “happily ever after,” but fate has challenges in store that could tear them apart. Is their love strong enough to survive?

Author Bio:

Susan Thatcher was born in New Hampshire and raised in Vermont, graduating from the University of Vermont (including a stint in Salisbury, South Australia as an exchange student starting in January 1982. She hates winter that much). She contributed occasional articles to UVM’s newspaper, the Vermont Cynic. Susan has also contributed to Morning Edition on NPR (they read her letter on the air.), the Boca Raton News and, a news parody website. Susan also earned a Juris Doctor from Franklin Pierce Law Center.

She presently lives in Southern California because the climate and topography suit her. And she is writing more material.

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Faith, Supernatural Beliefs and Our Symbolic Brain by Dr. Herman Kagan.

Faith, Supernatural Beliefs and Our Symbolic Brain

Synopsis: All people have awesome and worrisome experiences. Our symbolic brain is programmed to understand these experiences based on knowledge we have gained from science or faith-based knowledge. We continue to believe that scientific knowledge is supported by natural selection but not faith-based beliefs. My book proposes that faith-based and supernatural beliefs have indeed been supported by natural selection.

Author Name: Dr. Herman Kagan

Author bio: The author is a retired clinical psychologist with a California license who specialized in the area of childhood trauma and abuse. He directed, for 18 years, a support/treatment group for children and families experiencing sexual abuse. He also was involved in creating a sexual abuse prevention program for elementary schools.

After he retired he began writing to leave an information legacy for his grandchildren about how people react to good and bad situations and what systems are involved. Two books resulted from his writing, namely: "The Psychological Immune System" and the current book listed. His main goal is to figure out what human actions are innate, what are learned and why we act so contradictory.

ISBN: 9781482028058

Genre/s: non-fiction/social science

Age Group: Adult

Amazon | Kindle | Website

Interview with M.P. Ness by Charline Ratcliff for Tour de Blogg

Hello Dr. Kagan and thank you for being willing to share some of your story with us.

Before we get into the “nuts and bolts” of our interview, why don’t you share a little bit about yourself? What fun facts/tidbits would you like us to know about you? What do you do for fun or relaxation? Do you have any interesting hobbies?

I was born in Elizabeth, New Jersey in 1931. I am the youngest of three brothers and the only one still alive. My youngest older brother, Norman, was killed by a car when he was about four years old while my mother was in the hospital delivering my second brother, Jack, who is two years my senior. Sadly, Jack died in 2011 at Temple University Hospital where he was a lab technician. And unfortunately, my father died when I was about six months old so my mother, bless her heart, had the strength to be able handle all that trauma and raise me and my brother.

I have been married for over fifty-five years, and have two grown children and two grandchildren. My son lives close to me while my daughter lives in Santa Cruz, California where she went to school and graduated with a degree in Environmental Science. My son is a CPA who owns his own business in Ventura, California. He is married to a Mexican woman and any family gatherings of ours result in a large mob… Us white folks are now accepted as part of the Mexican clan.

While I was in the army, stationed in Germany in 1955-56, I learned about photography and this has been a hobby of mine ever since. I once had my own darkroom in my garage and developed, and produced, Cibachrome prints. Now I am immersed in digital photography and I use it to take pictures of family gatherings, concerts we attend, graduations pictures of my own children and Grandchildren, nature pictures, especially birds from when my wife, dogs and I go camping in the National forests. We have been doing this for the past forty years and only last year switched from tent camping to renting ranger stations turned into cabins for the public.

My wife and I both belong to the Audubon Societies in Ventura and Conejo Valley. My house is filled with pictures of all kind of birds that feed in our back and front yards along with the hawks that come to feed on them. My hobbies now include writing which began after I retired because I wanted to leave a legacy of information and personal experiences for my grandchildren when they have their own families. After my first book I now believe I also have something to offer to others about how we adapt to and cope with our natural and man-made worlds with the symbolic brain endowed to us by evolution.

Dr. Kagan, I would say that you chose a very…intense career for yourself. What was the defining “Aha” moment that started you down the path of helping others deal with various forms of trauma or abuse?

I don’t believe there was an “Aha” moment. My mother was certainly an inspiration, with realizing what she had to go through and how she landed on her feet. Add to that my experiences with my childhood friends, where I witnessed the results of parental abuse and how they left a lasting impression.

I grew up in a low socioeconomic neighborhood in New Jersey and, without a father; I depended on older kids, and my friends, for my masculine identity. I developed a strong sense of empathy, and a keen sense of what it takes to survive, at an early age.

Then my internship at the Reiss Davis Child Guidance Clinic in Los Angeles, my first job at a private psychiatric hospital after my internship, and my work with delinquent kids in the California Youth Authority made me realize the difficulty humans face; that trauma and abuse are major factors in producing disabling emotions, confused cognition, anti-social and self-destructive behavior. Once this realization set in, I then had to ask myself if I had the knowledge and capacity to help people recover from their abusive and traumatic experiences. I believed I did, and felt that if I could help, this would be uplifting to my sense of self and help me contribute to society. So off I went in a clinical direction…

Dr. Kagan, in reading through your very amazing bio, I appreciated learning that, for eighteen years, you also directed a support/treatment group for children/families experiencing sexual abuse. The sexual abuse prevention program for elementary schools you helped create is also an amazing thing. Words cannot adequately describe what a blessing that is, and will be, for those in need. What was the “why” that prompted these much needed programs?

The idea for these programs developed after I was working for the County Mental Health Department and interacted with my colleagues and other community agencies like the school system, the Police Department and Protective Social Services. I was in charge of the children’s program at the Simi Valley Mental Health Clinic and many sexually abused children were sent to us by the police and protective social services. The natural thing to do was collaborate with them about this ongoing problem.

Treatment for these children necessitated the inclusion of other family members, and continued interaction with both the police and protective social services since children were sometimes removed from their home and their family had specific plans to follow or the court issued “no contact” orders which the police then had to enforce.

Eventually interactive family programs were created in Los Angeles County and another northern California county, and I became part of the interactive therapists that met together and worked on program planning. This led to the treatment support group that I and a number of other therapists created in Ventura County. With support from some of the elementary school principals, a sexual abuse prevention program was developed and instituted.

The mental health staff was involved in training the school psychologists, teachers and nurses to carry out the program and police officers and protective social service workers lent a hand by getting to know the school staff involved in the program and setting up a supportive interaction to take calls, answer questions, and respond when the school staff needed a response.

We thought the program ran well for many years but the cost of providing psychologists, teachers, and nurses, and allowing time for the training took its toll, and many schools eventually dropped out.

Dr. Kagan, being that you are a trained psychologist, I would imagine that your life’s calling has ensured that you view the world from a very fact oriented viewpoint; yet you have written a book titled: “Faith, Supernatural Beliefs and Our Symbolic Brain.” From what I’ve seen of today’s world, it seems that “Science” and “Faith Based” beliefs don’t always mesh well, or easily. Did you experience any difficulty during the writing of “Faith, Supernatural Beliefs and Our Symbolic Brain” due to the “oil-and-water” nature of “Science” versus “Faith” probabilities or situations?

Your question brings out your observations of the rift between science and faith based beliefs--including supernatural beliefs--observations to which I agree. The scientific outlook usually considers beliefs that have no scientific foundation as based on ignorance, mythology, prejudice or sociopathic attempts to deceive the public for some personal gain and every attempt should be made to eliminate them.

Since I espouse the scientific outlook I had some difficulty trying to reconcile why faith based beliefs continue to be so entrenched. The difficulty vanished when I considered the possibility that human survival may have depended on these beliefs, and that natural selection may have had a hand in perpetuating these beliefs. I had no idea that this was an explanation to consider when I started writing “Faith, Supernatural Beliefs and Our Symbolic Brain,” so my eventual conclusions as to why supernatural and faith based beliefs persist even surprised me.

I guess my final question for you Dr. Kagan is simply: from this point in life, where do you plan to go? What do you still want to accomplish? Is there a figurative “torch” that you hope to pass on? If so, how can your readers help?

I sort of laughed when I read this question, because at my age I plan to stay as healthy as I can so I can stay alive for some time. At eighty-two I’m not sure how much time I have left, but I would like to see my granddaughter, who is now a freshman, graduate high school.

I have another book in mind to write about “deception,” which I believe is an evolutionary survival tactic and I see it all around me. However, my daughter said I was too focused on the negative and strongly suggested I should also focus on “honesty.” I don’t know if it will ever come to pass, but I suggested she should write about the evolutionary significance of honesty and I should write about deception and we should collaborate.

If there is a torch I want to pass on, it would be to look at us humans as a unique animal but an animal, nevertheless, that took evolution three and a half billion years to create who interacts with each other and the world in symbolic terms, a very strange change from life interacting with each other and the world using signals and signs. Where in the hell is symbolism taking us? Readers can help out by looking at our innate nature and wondering why we have to fight against it so often and letting me in on the secret.

Dr. Kagan, I just want to say thank you very much for all the fun tidbits, personal facts, and insights you have shared with me/us. It was truly an honor being able to interview you, and I very much enjoyed all that I learned. I’m sure my heartfelt “thanks” is also echoed by all those whom you have touched and helped throughout your life – whether it was through personal/one-on-one sessions or via your outreach programs and shared ideas/visions with other mental health experts.

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Title:Fall of Darkness

Author: Elle Bright

Series: The Darkness Chronicles #1

Publication: July 5th, 2013

Category: Adult

Genre: Paranormal Romance


One woman, the fate of the world in her unknowing hands. One man, sworn to destroy her. A love so strong it defies nature. In a world of obsession, deception and betrayal, the line between good and evil fades, but one truth remains absolute. Darkness must fall.

For centuries, werewolf, Dominic Ridolfi, has battled the demons of the night, upholding the sacred pact to protect man from vampires. Yet when sent to destroy the long lost Cacciatori heiress, the vampire prophesied to free her kind from the curse of darkness, he finds himself reluctant to complete his task. The innocent beauty awakens his humanity and Dominic finds himself not in the role of assassin, but savior.

Swept away in a whirlwind romance, Kate loses herself in Dominic’s mysterious world of opulence and seduction. But Dominic has a secret. He knows the truth about Kate’s past, and her future, truths with the power to destroy them both. Only in her dreams does Kate sense the growing darkness within. Dominic saved her once, but can she save herself from the darkness within?




Barnes & Noble:

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Author bio:

Elle Bright grew up in Layton, Utah. Elle currently resides in San Diego, California, with her husband, their three children, and their border collie. Elle graduated from Grand Canyon University with her Bachelor's of Science in Nursing. As a practicing Registered Nurse, Elle specializes in Pediatrics, Neonatal Intensive Care, and Emergency Medicine. Fall of Darkness is Elle's first published novel. She is currently working on Dark Redemption, the second installment in The Darkness Chronicles. Elle is a proud member of the Romance Writers of America.








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Book Title: Broken Fences

Author: Kelly Gendron


Hosted by: Book Enthusiast Promotions


Colden Saint James, Dusty Owens, and a single night of passion had equaled to poor old Mr. McAllister’s broken fence. Add six years, a troublemaking photo, and there’s not a fence in Texas that’s gonna be safe. It took Dusty Owens two years to land Colden “Saint” James, even if it was for only one night, but the very next day, he was gone. Now, years later, the “Saint” has returned, but he’s no longer the do-gooder rookie cop Dusty remembers. Dusty Owens always had a way of making every single one of Colden’s man parts go all hard. He’d been so close to falling for the girl before he’d left Odessa. Now, due to a troublemaking photo, Colden must return to his hometown to keep her safe. Trouble is, he’s a different man—not to mention the change. Well, it’s gonna cause all kinds of problems where Dusty Owens and all of his man parts are concerned.

Author Bio:

Kelly resides in a quiet suburb somewhere between Buffalo and Niagara Falls, NY. Her day job? Kelly works in health care representing a group of nursing facilities in the WNY area. She’s been faithfully writing for three years but did write her first book ten years ago. She put it down to raise her son as a single mom and then picked it back up when she and her son finally grew up. That's when she settled into her newly married adult life and started to seriously write again. She's dabbled with Romantic Suspense stories, but recently she's been on a contemporary kick. The recipe for the men in her stories: a dash of bad boy attitude, a cup of strong and confident and, of course, besides being packed with magnificent bodies, and doused with shameless aptitudes, they must have a tender heart you want to rip out of the pages (or your e-Reader) and take to bed with you at night.


1. Promiscuous Book Blog; Just Booked)

“No,” he said in a harsh whisper. Barely touching her, his large form hovered over her body.

She couldn’t move or say anything. Immobilized by the fear induced by the man who pinned her to the bed, her panting carried on in the shadowy room.

“No, don’t do this.” He cradled her face gently with large hands. “Don’t be afraid of me. Not like this. You hear me?” The moonlight illuminated his eyes. They glistened with affection. “You be frightened when I kiss you.” His mouth brushed over hers.

Her breath caught in her throat from the brief kiss and from the way he passionately gazed down at her.

“Be afraid of the feeling you get between your legs when I touch you.” The weight of his body lowered on hers, his thick hardness imbedding her flesh. “Fear me when I’m finally deep inside of you.” He pressed closer.

She let out a cry of desire, not from fear. Her hips moved as she tried to rock against him.

A smile touched his strong lips, and his tempting mouth lay suspended over hers. “You fear what we will become when I again make you mine, sweetheart.”

The warmth of his words cascaded her flushed face. The tenderness in his voice and the soft pressure of his palms upon her cheeks added need to her already desirous want.

“And what you should really be afraid of… what you need to fear,” his eyes dropped to her mouth, a rough thumb passed over her quivering lip, “is what you mean to me in here.” Colden tapped his chest as dark eyes lifted back to hers. “Because being trapped in here, Dusty girl…” He pointed to his heart. “Well, that should scare you a lot more than being safe out here with only your arms around me.”

2. Short Excerpt – Adult

(Keeping It Real Book Blog; Love Drug Book Blog)

His large hand hit the edge of the bed, and he pushed himself into a standing position. With his chest rising and falling beneath his shirt, his eyes remained fixed on her. She lay naked on the bed, but it was Colden’s vulnerability that stood, unprotected, in the room.

Dusty eased herself to the edge of the bed with Colden silently watching. She got up on her feet.

His jaw flinched. “Damn, girl,” he said, taking another thorough inspection of her naked body. “You’re gorgeous.”

The compliment infused her confidence, and she took a step toward him.

“But you’d better not come any closer.”

“Why not?”

“Because, ever since you pranced that sweet little ass of yours into Odessa, I’ve wanted you, and the one night I took you up against old man McAllister’s fence…well, hell, that couldn’t even lick a fraction of what I need from you.”

“What you need from me?” She inched nearer, loving the sound of those words.

“Oh yeah.” He gazed down, touching her with his eyes. “There’s not one part of you that I don’t want…or need.” She reached out and gathered the bottom of his shirt in her hands. “Good, because there’s not a part of me that I don’t want to give to you.” She pulled his shirt up over his head, then tossed it on the floor to join her pile of clothes. Colden watched her shaky fingers as they fumbled with the button of his jeans. “I can’t make you any promises,” he quietly admitted.

Pulling down his zipper, her hand stilled. She looked up at his strict, beautiful face. “I’m not asking for any. I just want tonight.”

He grabbed her and pulled her against his warm, hard body, cradling her neck in his hand, a powerful taking that stole her breath away. He placed a finger on the underside of her chin and tilted her head until their eyes met. “Don’t misunderstand my meaning,” he said, his mouth cascading over hers. “I want more than just tonight, Dusty. I’m just not in any position to make any commitments right now.” This time, his lips didn’t brush hers. Instead, they covered her with heated need—aggressive, desirous, savoring need.

“Tonight, though,” his fingers tightened on her neck, “tonight you will be all mine,” he growled.

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Eighth Note Blog Tour Banner Synopsis

Eva Reed saved the world.

Actually, she saved two worlds, but who’s counting? Finding herself in the middle of present day suburbia, married and a mom at only twenty years old, she’s beyond bored. Even with her popular music blog and her handsome husband Will catering to her every impulse, she longs to use the incredible powers that she possesses. But Earth is no place for magic. When Cole Mathison arrives, asking for Eva’s help in solving the death of a famous pop star, she cannot resist the overwhelming pull to use her abilities again. Eva finds that there is more to the sinister murder than what the evidence shows. People who listen continue to die, and she must rely on her immortality to protect her from a frequency that is shattering minds and stopping hearts. There are forces at work that she could never have imagined... And evil will be heard.

Meet the Author

KimberlyStedronskyBioPicKimberly Stedronsky is an Ohio author who prefers an epic love story. She has a degree in Early Childhood Education, which she uses as an excuse to be as immature as possible on a daily basis. She is married to a stand-up comedian Marine veteran, and their three children are appropriately sarcastic.


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UNDERTOW by Amber Lynn Natush

Title: Undertow (this is a standalone book)

Author: Amber Lynn Natush

Genre: Contemporary Romance / Women’s Lit



How far does a girl have to run to escape a lifetime of pain and loss at the hands of Alaska's notoriously unforgiving Bering Sea? Twenty-seven-year-old Aesa Fredriksen thought landlocked Columbus, Ohio would suffice, and it does until the fear of regret drives her to return to Dutch Harbor in a final attempt to make amends with her nearly-estranged father. Intent on salvaging the wreckage of their relationship, she reluctantly agrees to join him—the only family she has left—as he heads out to fish for king crab, forcing her to brave the very waters that pulled him away from her as a child. The waters that stole her mother's life. When the day finally arrives for the Norwegian Queen to sail off into an uncertain future, Aesa can't help but fear the worst. Beyond the violent swells and impending storms, there is far more than death and danger awaiting her on her journey: love awaits her too.

Decker, a young but seasoned member of her father's crew, is a force of nature as strong as Aesa, He's her perfect match, and even she can't deny it. But he too is a man of the sea, and with memories of tragedy and abandonment etched so deeply into her mind, can she overcome her demons and let him in or will she drown in her darkness, forever caught in its undertow?

About The Author:

If you're dying to know more about me, allow me to put you at ease. I'm a sharp-tongued, sarcastic cancer, who loves vegetable smoothies, winter storms, and the word 'portfolio'. I should NEVER be caffeinated, and require at least eight hours of sleep to even resemble a human being. At thirty-four, I just now feel like I can keep a straight face while saying the word "rectum" (which is actually a huge lie because I just laughed out loud while reading this to my husband). I live with my iPod firmly affixed to my body, drive too fast, and laugh/cry at inappropriate times. I'm obsessed with urban fantasy... When I discovered that genre, I knew I had found my tribe. Now I write in that world because that's what the voices in my head tell me to do. And they are very, very loud.

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013


 Alissa Sullivan has got it made -- a supportive, loving family, a cause she believes in, and her new boyfriend. With her best friend Kat at her side, she was counting the days until the end of high school when they could go away to college together. Then she met Scott, a man who wouldn't touch her but would turn her life upside-down. 
Katherine Horne is perfectly content being in the background. All she wants is to graduate and get out of the town she's grown to loathe. She'd do anything to avoid confrontation but when she finds herself in increasingly humiliating situations, she realizes some things can't be ignored. Especially when it comes to bullying. 
With their carefully planned futures unraveling, Kat and Alissa will come to realize the bond of their friendship will be tested... and might not make it through intact.

This is book 1 in a 3 part series.

About the author

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Things you don’t know about Evelyne:
1. Her favorite movie is “So I Married an Axe Murder.”
2. She can sing every song, word-for-word on Adam Lambert’s first album.
3. Monsoon storms and winter drizzles help inspire her writing.
4. Football is her favorite sport even though the Cowboys have not had a good season in a really long time.
5. She loves school and would become a professional college student if it weren’t so expensive.
6. She tries hard to be funny but most of the time is the only one in the room laughing.
7. People watching and giving relationship advice is her favorite past time.
8. What she wants to be when she grows up is still an unanswered question.

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