Monday, November 10, 2014

~~DAY TEN~~Memes You Meme #BookBlogWriMo

Memes You Meme - Do you #ThrowbackThursday or indulge in a little #ManCandyMonday? Share some of your favorite meme posts from your blog or social media pages.

Well today is Day ten of the #BookBlogWriMo and the category Memes You Meme.  I personally do not do any #ThrowbackThursday,#ManCandyMonday,#TeaserTuesday or anything like that.  I think maybe I should cause I know I get posts for Teasers and I know there is tons of Man Candy out there.  I do enjoy seeing them on the different blog Facebook pages. I really enjoy #WetWednesday yep See Justin Keeton or Lance Jones wet yep very sexy.. I think maybe I should take a poll and see if anyone is interested in seeing my blog do these things. I don't do the author spotlights and things like that maybe at the beginning of the new year I can really get all these wonderful tips I have been seeing thanks to BookBumblings and hosting this wonderful event #BookBlogWriMo. 

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