Friday, December 12, 2014

~~REVIEW~~ MVP by M. Robinson

HOLY SHITBALLZ!!! WHAT A FREAKING AMAZING BOOK!!!! MINDBLOWING!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! DID I SAY LOVE THE ENDING!! OMG!! M YOU DID IT AGAIN!! I have watched M Robinson grow as an author from VIP till MVP and like her covers they start off on the dark side and get lighter. Her writing was great before and I am so glad that she went on to make VIP a trilogy. When she started out her writing was just a little rough but she kept working on it and never gave up. I know I was one of the first to read VIP and gave pointers as well as gave her words of encouragement and now to see how well she has done with this series is absoulutely amazing. I am proud of you Madam :) M.Robinson did wonders with Sebby and Ysa in the last of the trilogy. I know there was lots of shocking moments that I am still in shock over but very happy with. If you have read the first two in the series I know you will definitely want to read MVP. Do you think that Seb and Ysa had a happy ending? Do you think Madam got inbetween Seb and Ysa and made her come back to being a VIP and leaving Seb forever? Was there a falling of love,empire and pride? Well you really need to read this to get your answers cause I am sure not going to tell you. What fun would that be??

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