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Title: Natural Love

Author: S. Celi

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: December 9, 2014

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My whole life, I wanted one thing: to be the perfect son.

Growing up, I did everything my father required. Straight A's in school. Perfect manners. I forced myself to live up to his standards--standards that pushed the Chadwick family name to the highest rungs of society.

Over the years, we climbed so high that my father hoped we’d never fall.

If only he’d been right. With each successful year, the Chadwick family skeletons grew bolder and darker. Each member of my family had something to hide. Every lie threatened to undo us.

The secret Avery Jackson and I shared was the worst one of all.

She was the one person I shouldn’t love--the one person I couldn’t love. But I did. I loved Avery Jackson. I wanted her, even though a romance with her threatened everything.

It all felt so natural.

And that was exactly the problem.

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“You look beautiful tonight,” I said.

“Thank you. I hoped you’d like this dress.”

We stopped walking just under the trellis, next to a corner of the

house. From here, we couldn’t see the rest of the party, but we

could hear everything. Hundreds of people stood just a few feet

away from us, and they’d come looking for us soon. We had

commitments and expectations to fulfill, but at that moment, my

eyes and my attention were on her.

Only her.

“Did you wear it just for me?” I said.

“Yes,” she said under her breath. “Just for you. I do everything

just for you –”

My mouth covered hers in a rough, intense kiss. I gripped her

face with one hand and the small of her back with the other,

crushing her to me in a split second of passion that didn’t have

any boundaries, a passion that broke every rule, and defied

everything that made sense in my life. My tongue twisted and

shoved against hers and she opened her body beneath me as

our kisses deepened. Before long, I forced us against the ivy wall

of the house, and there we were, locked together in a moment

that somehow we’d claimed as ours and ours alone.

I only broke the kiss when she moaned against my mouth.

Something about the sound made me remember where we were.

Who I was. What we were doing. How wrong it all was from the

standpoint of everything I had ever been taught.

No. We couldn’t do this. No. No. No.

Someone might see.

Above us, inside the house, a light in the study flipped on and I

heard two voices. Had they seen us already?

“I’m sorry,” I said as I forced our lips apart. I took an immediate

step away from her, but it did little to calm us both. Her breath

came out hard and fast, a series of quick pants, as if she hadn’t

wanted to breathe while we kissed.

And I don’t know what unsettled me more: the kissing or the look

of extreme pleasure she had on her face.

“I am . . . I’m . . . I should go.” I said.

Without another word, I turned and disappeared down the

pathway, leaving her alone against the ivy.

About The Author

s CEli

Journalist. Novelist. Broadcaster. Blogger.

An overactive imagination has always served Sara Celi well.

Starting from age 10, with an epic tale about a soldier during the

Civil War, Sara has made creating stories her life’s work.

After graduating cum laude from Western Kentucky University in

2004 with a degree in Broadcast News and History, Sara Celi

started her decade-long career in broadcast journalism at TV

stations in Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Ohio.

Her love of the written word came to fruition with the publishing

of her first novel, The Undesirable, in 2013 and has since

published The Palms and Prince Charming.

Born in New Orleans and having lived all over the United States,

Sara Celi now calls the Greater Cincinnati area home. In her

spare time, she likes to read, shop, travel, run, volunteer with the

Junior League, serve on the board of Wesley Community

Services, and work with Cooperative for Education, a non-profit

providing educational opportunities for the children of


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