Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Lion, the Lamb, the Hunted: A Psychological Thriller by Andrew E. Kaufman

WOW talk about mind blowing. Loved how the whole story was written. I mean going from Adulthood to childhood through out the whole story. Giving an ending that you would never expect at least I didn't. Felt sorry for Patrick Bannister when you see what he whole life was like. Andrew E. Kaufman is an excellent writer. Two other ladies and myself read this story for a book club. We are all very happy with it. We all say the same once you read you can't put it down. HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU PUT ON YOUR TO BE READ LIST!!! I was able to get this book FREE from Amazon and let me tell you I did cause I wasn't sure it was something I would pay for. Well if I had to pay for it I wouldn't be disappointed well worth what ever you would pay for it.

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