Monday, May 11, 2015

The Faster, Harder, Deeper Series by Sophia Sweet

Really think that this is a series that everyone should read.  It's a great set of short stories, packed with tons of heat. A three novella series of forbidden love.  A lot of people might say, Nah, that stuff isn't for me.  I know because I was the exact same way at first.  But it is a good story, very well written with a lot of heat and action packed into it.  Great time to read is now -  FREE on Kindle Unlimited!!


About the Author
Sophia Sweet is the author of the Faster, Harder, Deeper Series, the series of forbidden love. Sophia, proud owner of possibly the largest collection of glass dildos in the US, began writing her naughty, taboo stories while a student at the University of Florida. When Sophia is not writing or on her book signing tours, you can find her lounging around her home on the small island of Sunset Key in the Florida Keys. Try Sophia's Faster, Harder, Deeper Series (A Story of Forbidden and Taboo Love) for a quick, steamy read, where each part gets hotter than the last. Look for more sexy stories from Sophia Sweet in the near future.

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