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Seeing White (Book One)

By Charlotte E Hart

Alexander White, the wealthy businessman with

looks to die for. Just like the other colors you’d think...but no.

He came from a very different place and made some

of his money a very different way.

And he keeps it well hidden because the truth

would destroy everything he has. All that he’s worked for would be gone in an

instant if they ever found out what he’s capable of, or what he really did and

who he did it for. So he keeps people far away with metaphorical games and

walls to deceive and confuse.

He doesn’t do relationships, he doesn’t do

emotions and he certainly doesn’t do love...whatever the hell that might be.

He does money. Making it, manipulating it and

spending it whist he plays with women who know what they’re signing up for when

they walk in the room.

Three people shaped who he is today. One damaged

him beyond repair, another taught him to control the rage, and a decent one

helps him to consider his options more appropriately than his own head might


But be under no illusions ladies, Mr. White has

not been a nice man, and he will probably never be a decent man but as long as

he keeps up his image, and nothing gets through his barriers, no one will ever

see the truth.

Life’s good for Elizabeth Scott, successful

business, happy kitchen and a great sister who deals with all the expensive

people so she doesn’t have to. She just cooks, bakes and smiles her way through

each day... well most of the time anyway, that is when her great sister isn’t

pushing her to, “get out there a bit more,” or “sort her shit out.”

Then the biggest contract of their lives comes

up... And the ever  useless London tube,

with her sister in it, catastrophically breaks down. Unfortunately that means

only one thing, she’ll have to deal with some of that wealth herself and that

means the devastating Mr. Alexander White in all his glory.

Life suddenly couldn’t get worse, regardless of

his unfairly gorgeous backside.

She has no idea what the hell she’s doing.

He had been entirely happy to just be with her and learn all

about her body, he’d relished every second of searching for what she enjoyed

and where she needed him to be. Her nuances and differences were a fucking

challenge to be reveled in and worshiped. He’d spent long periods of time

simply exploring and licking his way around her and Christ she had tasted so

good too, so sweet, like nectar sent from the gods as his prize. She’d melted

when he’d swirled his tongue over her and had made her come for the third time,

so responsive and hungry for more as each moan of desire had pushed him further

towards his own explosion. When she’d pushed him onto his back and indicated

that she wanted to ride him he’d let her. That was interesting; he hadn’t

wanted that for a very long time, he normally didn’t want anything above him

yet with her he’d allowed it, wanting her to stay on top so he could watch.

He’d been mesmerized as she’d taken his cock inside her and lowered down onto

him moaning with unadulterated pleasure and gasping as his size stretched her

wide. He’d just laid back and enjoyed the ride as they say; he couldn’t keep

his hands still for long though and had grabbed her hips and angled her

perfectly to increase the pressure sending her over the edge again, he’d been

so enthralled in just watching her writhing about on him with her beautiful

hair cascading down her spine that he’d exploded viciously inside her whilst

those soft, soul tearing brown eyes pleaded with him for more, something



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Charlotte E Hart

Charlotte is an erotic romance author living in the heart of

the Shropshire countryside in Great Britain with her partner and daughter.

She's lived all across the United Kingdom due to her previous employment as an

Event manager but finally settled in a small town that still reeks of old

school England. She graduated from college with a degree in Business and her

Horse Riding Instructors Qualification, which eventually led her into the very

bizarre world of outdoor pursuit's event management where she trained to

instruct all sorts of equipment. Some of which included crossbows, shotguns,

quad bikes, 4x4 driving and archery, she's not entirely sure how any of it

happened but knows that she adored every minute.

Her love of reading started in college but the call to

writing came much later in life after the birth of her daughter when she

finally had the chance to put pen to paper for the first time. Writing has

become a revolution for the soul and she cherishes every second that she's

sitting at the laptop and tapping her way into a new character.

When not writing she enjoys socializing with close friends

and travelling to all the major cities across the globe, travel has always been

a constant companion to reading throughout her life and only increases her

thirst for stimulation.

With the release of her novel Seeing White, the first part

of the White Trilogy, she intends to spend the next year enjoying every element

of being a published author and learning as much as she can. She also very much

looks forward to hopefully meeting some fans at some point.

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