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Annie Donavan’s life as a veterinarian is safe. And boring. Between focusing on keeping her small, inner-city clinic running, paying off student loans, and living in the tiny apartment above the clinic she has no time for fun or dating and certainly not for anything adventurous.
Then one night, danger and surprise show up in the alley behind her clinic. And Annie is in for the ride of her life.
Stoney is a mystery. A man of few words but smoldering looks. She decides to take a risk and after a night of passion finds herself thrown into a world that she never knew existed. A world of drugs, danger and intrigue.
Shane is a detective, who vows to keep Annie safe at all costs. Losing his heart to her is the easy part. Keeping her safe and earning her trust will prove to be his most difficult task.

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Maryann Jordan

I am an avid reader of romance novels, often joking that I cut my teeth on the old bodice rippers. I have been reading and reviewing for years. In 2013, I started the book blog, Lost in Romance Books and promoted indie authors, as well as beta read, basic editing and proofing books. In 2014, I finally gave in to the characters in my head, screaming for their story to be told. From these musings, my first novel, Emma’s Home, The Fairfield Series Book 1 was born. I am a high school counselor having worked in education for thirty years. I live in Virginia, having also lived in four states and two foreign countries. I have been married to a wonderfully patient man for thirty two years and am the mother to two adult daughters. When writing, my dog or one of my four cats can generally be found in the same room if not on my lap.

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HOLY SMOKES!!! What an AWESOME READ!!! WOW!! To see it start off with Annie Donavan a Veterinarian ends up doing emergency surgery on Sarge cause he swallowed a sausage. She meets Stoney/Shane Sarge's owner and holy smokes right from the beginning Stoney knew that Annie was the woman for him. This is a must read. I really loved how Maryann wrote the story innocent Vet meeting a mysterious guy and from there just took off. I know in the story I had jumped a couple of times when Annie was in the clinic by herself and she hears a voice asking if she had a good time. I actually jump and was like OH NO!! Hubby thought something happened to me till I told him no it is the book. He goes don't do that to me..LOL so yeah there is mystery,thriller and romance in this story. I rate this more than 5 stars this book kicks butt!! Can't wait for more.

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