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The Truth, book 3 in The Descendant

Vampire Series, is ready for you to sink your fangs into!

You discovered the vampire’s origin in THE DESCENDANT, and what that meant for

Allison Carmichael, the first descendant to exhibit signs of vampirism.


I have to say this is not your typical vampire book. I really enjoyed how Kelley Grealis incorparated the bible and Adam & Eve in her story. Using the Forbidden Tree and the Garden of Eden the start of all of Allison's Decendant. Kelley has Allison married to Matt and both of them are mortals or so Allison thinks. Vincent a vampire wants Allison cause she is very special. He wants Allison and tells Allison the story about her Descendants. I really loved this story. Kelley did an amazing job with this story and kept me interested in it. I loved how she showed the sins of Adam and Eve lead to this whole story for Allison. I can not wait to read book two The Search: The Descendant Vampire Series.

You joined Allison in THE SEARCH as she relentlessly hunted

for information on the whereabouts of her husband.

FANG-TATSIC!!! WONDERFUL!!! AMAZING!! Book 2 was no disappointment that's for sure. Bringing in Angels and Gypsies to the equations is unbelievable and I have never read a book like this before. Kelley did and absolute amazing and Fang-tastic job with this story and learning more about Allison and her life. Allison still searching for her husband and learning more and more of the truth about her life and the life of a vampire. Kelley kept the book still using the bible basis which is good cause it has to do with the story and just continued to let it flow. I can not wait to read book 3 The Truth. I know I won't be disappointed and I want to see if it continues or if it is the end of the series. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS SERIES.

Now find out why it all happened in the

first place in THE TRUTH. Does

everything happen for a reason, or is there a puppet master pulling everyone’s


Fresh out of vampire detox, Allison

Carmichael has her cravings for human blood under control…just in time for the

rest of her life to take a downward spiral.

After a loved one is murdered, Allison

receives a cryptic message from the deceased. A warning to trust no one, not

even those closest to her.

In order to identify the murderer,

Allison must trust a mysterious stranger and piece together a series of clues

while under the suspicious eye of a jealous boyfriend, a vengeful archangel and

a jittery Ruling Council. When information is unearthed about the murderer and

Allison’s lineage, her world isn’t the only one that’s rocked.

They say that the truth will set you

free, but will that be the case for Allison and those she loves?


THE TRUTH is available NOW via these sites:

Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iBooks, Kobo and Smashwords!

About the Author

Kelley Grealis has loved all things

vampire since she was a kid. It was that fascination, combined with the need to

know how the first vampire was created, that compelled her to write the type of

vampire novel she had always wanted to read. Kelley was born and raised in

Cleveland, Ohio and continues to live in the area with her husband and their

two fur babies. She likes her cars fast and motorcycles loud and is a craft

beer snob. When she’s not writing, she’s working at her day job, cruising in

her convertible or enjoying a beer at her favorite local brewery. 

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Kelley on her website

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