Thursday, September 11, 2014


Title: Sorting Myself: a collection of poetry

Author: Sarahbeth Caplin

Release Date: Jan 1, 2014

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A young girl exploring her place in the world attempts to slip into the identity of a saint. A woman bruised by rape culture rewrites her identity. A devoted skeptic experiences genuine conviction.

These scenarios and more are the focus of Sorting Myself: a testament to the human experience.


What if the gender roles were reversed, and suddenly,

the world was no longer a safe place

for men?

What if a male stranger should fear me

on the streets at night,

the New Female Predator,

and his gut instinct

was to gird his balls

like women do with their attractiveness,

so as not to make himself

a target?

What if men were taught

that Fear is the new Sexy,

that involuntary arousal

is code for "Yes Please,"

and his gender alone

is his own personal Armageddon?

What if it had been

a man

who opened Pandora's box?

Beth holds a bachelor's degree in English Literature from Kent State University. It was during college that she first saw her name in print as a columnist for her campus newspaper, The Daily Kent Stater. Now living in Denver, Colorado, she can be found in various microbreweries when not chained to her laptop working on future books.

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