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Ten Sizzling Contemporary Romances by Ten Authors!


to a world filled with passionate kisses. Brazen billionaires. Hot

cops. Small town hotties. Hunky Scotsmen. Big city playboys. All are

ready to put everything on the line for the women who stir their hearts.

Passionate Kisses: Ten full-length sizzling contemporary romance novels

by some of today's hottest authors that will sweep you away and leave

you yearning for your very own knee-buckling, heart-melting kiss.

New Release Sale Price: $0.99 for a limited time starting June 23rd (official release date).

Purchased individually, the books in this set would cost $28.90. You save $27.91!

**Storm Damages by Magda Alexander**

After clawing her way out of a dirt-poor background, Elizabeth Watson's

dream of an associate position at her law firm is within reach. As long

as she keeps up her grades, makes law review. And stays out of trouble.

But then British billionaire Gabriel Storm walks into her life. And

trouble is his middle name.
**Confessions by Wendy Ely** 

When Chelsea Montgomery vanished eleven years ago, her hometown thought

she’d been abducted. In truth, she'd given up the daughter she'd

secretly had with Jordan Case. Now he confronts her to help find the

child. With a little girl's fate hanging in the balance, will the uneasy

partnership -- stained by the past -- transform into something else?

**Reckless by Jessi Gage** 

Cami is in a coma. While her body recovers in the hospital, she visits

the dreams of the man who acted in anger on the freeway and caused her

accident. Can she learn the meaning of forgiveness or will she let a

single mistake drive her dream man away forever?

**Against Her Rules by Victoria Barbour** 

Elsie Walsh has one rule—no sleeping with the guests at her luxury inn

on the rugged coast of Newfoundland—but Scottish playboy Campbell Scott

is determined to show her that he belongs not only in her bed, but by

her side at the Heart’s Ease Inn.

**Shameless by Rebecca J. Clark** 

It'll take more than a shameless proposal to overcome their tragic

past, but with a little luck and forgiveness, anything is possible.

**Good Cop by Liz Kelly** 

When two best friends enlist a pony-tailed firecracker to help shake up

their good cop/bad cop images, fireworks ignite. One steamy romance

plus a very funny bromance equals lots of laughs and a helluva love


**Baby Stetson by Nikki Lynn Barrett**
Her past is full of holes, but new strangers in town are about to bring secrets, truths, and a chance at love.

**Awakening by Sydney Holmes** 
Once you step over the edge there’s no turning back.

Nora Young, restless and adrift, dreams of passion, purpose and

adventure. In walks mysterious and sexy Ryan Cole who seems to offer her

everything she is looking for. Will they survive the fire they ignite?

**Beacon of Love by Allie Boniface** 

When travel journalist Sophie Smithwaite comes to Lindsey Point to

investigate a haunted lighthouse, hunky local handyman Lucas Oakes is

torn between protecting the town's secrets and giving in to the first

passion he’s felt in years. Is preserving tradition worth sacrificing a

chance at true love?

**The Opposite of Wild by Kylie Gilmore** 

The last thing Liz Garner expects in her new job as an elder care

provider is Ryan O'Hare for a boss. The insensitive, arrogant,

horribly…hot man she's avoided for years. When his Gran walks on the

wild side, Liz joins her, risking both his ire and his passion.


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