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(MASTERED) IN THE DEN by Sierra Cartwright

I’ve always loved Dominant males who know what they want. My heroes are always true gentlemen, however. But they do know what they want, and they’re passionate in their pursuit of having it, whether it’s a business deal, a physical accomplishment, or a woman. He knows he’s going to have to prove he’s the one, and the woman he’s falling for is worthy of his pursuit.
In The Den, the final book in the Mastered series from Totally Bound, has such a hero, Damien Lowell, owner of the club, an ultimate alpha, even amongst other alphas.
Milady Catrina is a Domme in her own right, and she won’t be easy to persuade. She’s given up on domineering men, and he’s definitely that, in all capital letters.
Fair warning, the excerpt is meant for adults who want to be swept away and maybe a bit titillated. This man knows what he wants, and he’s not for the faint at heart…

Softer, seducing her with his voice, Damien continued, “When was the last time anyone cared enough to watch your movements so intently that they knew you were lying? Do all your relationships exist strictly on the surface? Do you give no one a piece of your soul?”
His questions wormed their way inside Catrina. They were the same ones that she ran away from. When they caught up to her, she turned up the volume on her television or distracted herself on her elliptical machine, music blaring from ear buds.

“Aren’t you curious about what you’re missing?”


“Another lie?”

She shook her head quickly. Too quickly.

He dropped his arms and advanced toward her. This time, she retreated. “Damien…”

“You know the house safe word,” he told her. “You can use it at any time. But you aren’t going to, are you?”

Jesus. God. What the hell was happening here?

Her back was to the wall. This close, she was overwhelmed by his masculine scent and determination.

His blue eyes were as dark as a twilight sky. A tiny pulse in his jaw mesmerised her.

“Are you wet, Milady?”

“From what? Being near you? Not at all.” She felt suffocated. And she was wet. Damn it.

Impossibly, he took another step closer. With one hand, he captured her wrists and pinned them above her.

Her chest rose and fell as emotions tumbled through her. She shouldn’t want to interact with him. With Susan, he’d been gentle, but there was nothing soothing in the way he held her, overwhelmed her. But, just as he had watched the other woman, he was directing that same intensity at her, figuring out what she wanted, how she wanted to be dealt with.
He touched the knuckles of his free hand to her throat.
She kept her eyes wide, pretending she wasn’t affected.
His touch was so gentle that she hardly felt it. Continuing, Damien skimmed down the centre of her chest, bare skin to bare skin.
Then he traced beneath her right breast. He held her gaze, not blinking. She’d never had anyone’s attention like this, and it was heady.

There wasn’t a part of her that wasn’t aware of him.

“Open your mouth.”


“Because I’m going to kiss you.”

She started to protest, but he dived inside her. She expected him to coax her. Instead, he consumed her.

He forced his way in, tasting of an intoxicating blend of persuasion and dominance. The thrusts of his tongue made her mouth water. He insinuated a thigh between her legs, and despite her resolve, she rubbed herself against his leather-clad leg.
The woman in her recognised his mental as well as physical strength. This was a man powerful enough for her to trust. He’d never push her too far, but he would demand everything, that she hold nothing back, and maybe give more than she ever had to anyone…

At the Den, nothing is off-limits. Why not come and see for yourself?

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Sierra Cartwright is the international best-selling author of the Mastered series from Totally Bound Publishing.

Her recent release, Over the Line was named Best Book of the Year by BDSM Book Reviews. She’s a finalist in the Love Romances Café for BDSM Book of the Year for another of the Mastered series, For The Sub.

The UK’s Daily Mail says Cartwright is “Even racier than 50 Shades.” The Amazon Kindle UK #1 bestselling author hails from Manchester, England though she was raised in the US and now calls Texas “home.” She is the acclaimed author of more than twenty erotic romance novels, including the bestselling Mastered series from Total-E-Bound Publishing.

She was previously published with Harlequin/Silhouette under a different pseudonym, and won numerous awards as well as a coveted spot on the USA Today bestseller list.

Sierra has been interviewed by, the Daily Mail, USA Today, Female First UK, Marie Claire Brazil, and she did a segment for the Orlando Fox affiliate with Chase Cain.

She is a multiple CAPA-nominated author.

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