Tuesday, August 13, 2013

***REVIEW*** FINDING HOME by Abbey K. Davies

When asked to Beta read I was more than happy too. When I found out about child abuse and sexual abuse in the book I told Abbey K. Davies I really didn't think I could read it. I told her I would try but I couldn't guarnette it. Anyways I am very happy I read it. Felica was in a relationship with a guy name David. Like all relationships they start off great. Then things went bad. He abused her to the point of her almost dying. She is a social worker and helps abused children. She told Beth about "Mr Right" who she didn't even know his name but knew one day they will meet. Well Felicia ends up dealing with some children who were sexually abused by their FOSTER PARENTS. After uncovering the truth of the abuse more and more children step forward. Felicia meets Jake they both have scars from their past. Well with the case they are working on they fall in love and help each other heal from their past demons. I really am so glad I gave the book a chance. Justice had been served with the abusers throughout the book which is great to see. I have seen cases where JUSTICE HASN"T BEEN SERVED and it kills me. To the Author I have to say thanks for writing this book. Even though there were times of tears,a couple parts made me sick to my stomach the justice made it well worth it. I just want people to know that justice isn't always served.... I give this book 5 stars...

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