Sunday, July 21, 2013

**Who Has the Heart? by Tania Eddingsaas** Review

When I started reading Who Has the Heart I wasn't sure what to expect. Well this book is one story based on 3 different characters lives. Each one tells their story. Even though each one tells their story it all is based on the Book/Movie called "The Tale Trilogy". Many surprises through out the book Beth LeMond,Bridgett LeMond and Duncan Adams. Beth and Bridgett are sisters while Bridgett holds a secret for a long time. Nothing bad but doesn't want to admit that she was the writter of The Tale Trilogy. Duncan Adams plays Ambassador Core in The Tale Trilogy in a relationship that ended with a secret he found out after the break up with Rachael. Each one finds someone to love but do they feel the same way? Do they end up with who they want?

Tania Eddingsaas did a WONDERFUL job with Who Has the Heart? Three Intertwined Romantic Tales. She had me going.. thinking Duncan that Duncan was someone else. I do highly recommend this book. Really enjoyed it with putting the three tales separate but they all tie in together. Thank you for a great read Tania.

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