Sunday, June 30, 2013

*REVIEW* LET LOVE IN by Melissa Collins

I had received this book as a gift for an honest review. Melissa Collins did an excellent job with this book and I so look forward to book two. 5 stars doesn't even touch how I feel about this book! SPOILERS!! Maddy very young loses her parents. Moves with an Aunt she never met until the loss of her parents. She meets Melanie and they become the best of friends more like sisters. Off to college and they have two roommates Cammie and Lia who they became really close with. With Cammie dating Jack, Maddy met Reid. Well Jack,Reid and Logan are roommates and with a college party the beginning of this fairy tale begins. With Maddy and Reid both having trust issues due to their past things are really interesting when they get together and they start to trust and break down the walls that both have built up from their past. Reid is every women's dream I believe. You can't help but love how Reid shows Maddy that the past is the past and that he is really and truly in love with her. As their romance progress like all relationships there are bumps in the road. Well they go off to Montauk Point NY. Reid didn't know why he was taking her there but he did. This part of the story along with other parts made me cry and hit close to home. I went to Montauk Point back in the early 90's and met my daughter's grandfather. About 6 months later or so he passed away. I went back down there and boy this book hits part of my life. Melissa this is a great love story. I felt the pain and happines Maddy and Reid had been through as well as the other characters. There was a couple times I wish I could go through the book and pop Reid and a couple others that is how connected I felt to them.

THIS IS THE BEST CLIFFHANGER SINCE WHO SHOT JR!! I hate that it ended the way it did cause I really really want to read more about Reid and Maddy. Well I guess I have to wait until book two just like I had to wait the summer to find out WHO SHOT JR!! WELL DONE 10 stars..............I know book 2 will be just as good...

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