Sunday, June 16, 2013

**Redesigned by Denise Grover Swank** Review

Not surprising Denise you did it again. OK After Math was my favorite book by Denise. Well after reading Redesigned this series is the best. Caroline got chosen to have her design in a fashion show. She find that Reed is over seeing the show. The Monroe Foundation is a supporter of enriching the lives of children in need. Dollar for dollar the fashion show raises for the Middle Tennessee Children's Charity the Monroe Foundation will match. Caroline,Reed and Lexi go and meet Evelyn to discuss the fashion show. Caroline meets a little girl who reminded her so much of herself as a child. She decided she wants to have the kids in the fashion show and make the clothes for the kids. She sees a picture of a girl on the wall as she tours the place with Reed,Lexi and Evelyn which was shocking to her because it was HER. Reed and her have their ins and outs lots of love and heart ache. Reed learns a lot about Caroline but doesn't tell her cause he wants her to trust him enough for her to tell him herself. Well hiding her past she ends up telling him. He too has a past of his own with his sister Lexi. Caroline learns how her mom really felt about her and the life style Caroline grew up with. I love this series. Denise you are amazing and look forward to more of your books. 5 stars does not do this book justice. It is a MUST READ but read After Math first.

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