Saturday, May 25, 2013



                           *SPOILERS* AWESOME Read but INVEST IN TISSUES
 I received this book as a gift and to give an honest review. Well, I am one in giving reviews I don't like to give away what the book is about but this book is different. I feel like the book is based around my life. First off a 5 star review isn't as high as I would give this book. Very well written and touched home in a lot of ways. When the book starts off Rye has a daughter Em and they both live with Rye's mom Dee. Rye has cancer. She runs into Jett a guy she went to school with. They became great friends when they reconnected. Well, In a scene of the book Rye is in an accident. What Rye went through in that accident happened to me. Not sure if dead or alive. My sister is a cancer survivor so that part had touch home. Lots of things happen through out the book which some happy and laughing parts and some MAKE SURE YOU HAVE AN INVESTMENT IN TISSUES. There are some lessons learned in the book and one is "The Grass isn't always Greener on the other side" You make the mistake and should learn from it. Love when Dee is in a grocery store and comes across and elderly couple she helps them out and tells them maybe someday they can pay it forward. Dee is an angel in her own way. Dee is such a sweet lady. Dee who is by her daughter's side through this all is a blogger. When they go to a convention they meet all her "ONLINE" friends like I have. Only I haven't met them in person. Reading about the convention and seeing Dee run around getting all the swag should could not only made Rye tired but I got tired as well. Loving the nicknames Jett was getting from the women was quite comical. Rye who looks at life one day at a time. She finds something beautiful everyday. Jett fell in love with Rye and when he found out that she was dying he chose to stick by her and continue to love her and Em. I felt all the pain Rye had suffered. I also wanted to go through my Kindle and into the book to belt someone for hurting Rye. I really love books when you feel your part of the book in one way or another. Everything Rye went through reminded me of what must have been going through my aunt's mind. My aunt passed away from Pancreatic Cancer. Today is the anniversary of her death. Very hard to read this book but I wanted to finish it. I finished it and so glad I did. I want to thank D.Love for writing such a fabulous book. Well worth the tears and the laughter. It is funny how I was reading this book and events that had occurred in my life were in the book.


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