Friday, May 31, 2013

Long Road,Full Speed Ahead.. By Emily Walker

 I was gifted Long Road,Full Speed Ahead for an honest review. This book is one you can't put down. Grace who thought she was in love. Stayed in a relationship she shouldn't have stayed in. She heard the lines of I'm sorry and can't live without you BS. Then Grace meets some new friends and ends up experimenting drugs. Grace went through a lot and it brought back some memories of past relationships I had been in. It makes you want to tell her please leave Grayson. You also want to tell her best friend Miranda to change things in her life. This book is right to the point of a abusive relationships,drugs and "friends". No sugar coating this book. Emily writes it as if it is actually happening. You feel all the pain Grace experiences and gives you an eye opener.

I hope there is a book 2 :)

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